Saturday, November 12, 2022

Face to face

 If you follow the blog for photos -- there are none today! Not because I didn't take any, but because I can't decide which ones to use! And I can't believe some people love my girls more than me! I'm kidding -- they are much cuter than I am, and it's more entertaining when they jump up on the couch than if I do it! I get that! Those attention-stealers! 

I'm back on my laptop at the end of Ontario, and I'll deal with the photos tomorrow. Yes -- I'm in Windsor, Ontario, this morning. More on that in a minute. 

I picked Kathi up and headed off to the York Heritage Quilt Show. There is something about this guild that produces some amazing quilts. Don't get me wrong -- we've seen beautiful quilts at other shows, but let's just say there were some lovely quilts. 

I took a ton of photos, including the labels! So when I post pictures, I can give credit to the maker. I soon lost Kathi when I couldn't move far because of spotting people I knew and chatting with them. Yes -- I met so many people I haven't seen in a long time. I've seen some of them on Zoom, some of whom I have had little or no contact with since the pandemic, and with others, our paths haven't crossed in several years.

There were others that I've seen recently as well. The show was well organized, and lots of people to help (or so it seemed). The quilts were hung beautifully, and there were vendors galore! I bought one thing which is still in the car, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow to share it with you. 

Lots of inspiration! I noticed that several of their members were going to give a lecture, and I happened upon the one when I was there. Her name was Chriss Coleman, and I saw many of her quilts throughout the show. Her technique is something that I LOVE. Lots of improv and little pieces. 

I decided to stay for the lecture, and I'm glad I did. Chriss is quite entertaining, but a crazy person -- just like me! I have to laugh as I thought to myself several times -- where do these ideas come from. And then realize that you have to let them escape your brain. And the only way to do that is to sit at a sewing machine with fabric, a rotary cutter, and a mat and sew!! The ideas will escape but ONLY if you let them! Chriss has no problems allowing those ideas to escape, which showed in her work. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. 

I have to say that we crossed the city in the morning in less than 40 minutes. OK -- so we weren't all the way across the city, but there was very little traffic, at least in our direction. It took a bit longer to come home. And we saw MANY lanes of traffic jam in the opposite direction, so it was a good day! 

I was back home by 2 PM, which was my plan, and I needed to finish packing and prepare myself for my drive. Packing was pretty easy once I set my mind to it. Just grab the most interesting samples and dump the rest - to be sorted and packed away later this coming week. 

I had a long nap as I had not slept well the night before, and then DH and I went out for an early dinner. 

The weather is still nice, although it is cooler this morning and will become much cooler as the week progresses. We had some rain yesterday, and I was a bit worried -- rain and driving in the dark is NOT my strong point. 

However, I had prepared well, and I was on the road by 6 PM, intending to get halfway to Windsor, which is a three-and-a-half-hour drive. By the time I got to my goal, I was still feeling great, so I continued and made it all the way to Windsor with one short pit stop. That is NOT like me at all! I was happy to get here last night, so I didn't have to drive this morning. 

The traffic was great, the roads were in excellent condition, and the rain stopped as I got closer to my destination. Actually, it wasn't raining, more of a mist. The other drivers behaved themselves, although I did realize that a cop passed me when he put on his flashing lights to stop a driver that had sped by. 

Why did I enjoy the drive? I'm deep into this gruesome book. OK -- so that says a lot about me, doesn't it! I'm not so keen on the narrator, but she's OK. But the book is another thriller, and I'm enjoying it, and I'm sure that's why I wasn't tired a bit. 

In case you want a gruesome read, the book is called Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo. 

The one thing I realized when I arrived was that I had forgotten my darn phone charger. Why is that? I will have to pack the darn thing in my backpack and leave it there or make a note. Thankfully, my phone was plugged into the car on the way down, so I should be good all day. But still --- I never used to do that, and now I'm messing up every trip!

This is a noisy hotel, so thankfully, I'm only here for one night. I must have slept well because I had dreams that I remember, and none of them were gory!

I got an e-mail this morning from The Quilt Show advertising their new Block of the Month for next year. I just shake my head and laugh. Guess whose fabrics are included in the quilt? Yep --- that would be Tula and Kaffe. I swear that no one is original anymore when picking fabrics. Add Tula or Kaffe, make a kit, and it will sell. There are so many beautiful collections, so why does everyone gravitate to those designers? I don't get it. We've become sheep! 

Well, I hope to get some geocaching in before I need to get to the store. There goes my battery!

OH -- Kathi and I chatted about the classes, and we came up with some scheduling ideas, so watch for that next week. It's all figured out!!!! Thanks, Kathi!

Don't forget that the York Heritage Quilt Show is this weekend. Today is the LAST day, and well worth your time!

I'll be at Thimble Quilts and Sewing Company in Windsor TODAY. I'll be demoing machines and techniques from 10 - 4 PM, so drop in if you live in that area. It should be a fun day. I've got samples to show, and I have a couple of fun projects I'll be working on during the day! 

November 15, I'll be at Pins & Needles in Listowel, where I'll be hosting two seminars on quilting, so if you live close by, be sure to get signed up for that!

And as if that isn't enough, I'm running a four-part ZOOM session on mySewnet (hosted by Stitch by Sitch in Kingston), which includes the software, Wi-FI connectivity in the embroidery/sewing world and explaining what it's all about as it can be very confusing. I had to have it explained to me at least three times before I totally grasped the concept. The first session is on Monday, November 14. Even if you are not in the market for embroidery or (GASP) own a different brand of machine, this is going to be loads of fun to discover how the industry has changed! 

Next week, watch for the list of clubs I will host in 2023. I know what they are; I just need to schedule dates in my calendar, and I hope to do that this weekend! You can refer to this blog post if you can't remember what they are. Scroll down to the end --- in reality, there are only four new ones --- EQ8, Digital Cutters, the Jen Kingwell remedial class, and the Many Blocks project. Others, like the UFO Club, embroidery club, and Out of the Box, will continue, and at this point, there are NO or minimal spots open for 2023. You'll get the info next week. 

And that's a wrap for today! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I completely agree with you about those designers. I haven't jumped on that bandwagon.