Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The BEST friends ever!

I'm almost done with the writing, and I hope to have it wrapped up by tomorrow morning! That will be a relief, and I MUST NOT let the deadline creep up on me in the future. I say this every time, and every time it happens again, and that is NOT responsible of me as it affects other people. I'm always yakking about respect, and I need to follow my own guidelines!

OK -- can I just stop here a second and brag about my friends? I have the BEST friends in the world. They are smart, they are intelligent, they are creative, we have some very stimulating conversations, and dare I say -- I'm a bit passionate about some of those discussions! DH and I have a review at the end of the day -- who was more passionate in their work! Sometimes it's him, and sometimes it's me! We just remind each other to tone it down if necessary!

If quilters ruled the world! Kidding, but I swear my friends have bailed me out on more than one occasion, and yesterday was no exception. I was searching for a particular item, which I won't share with you just yet. I looked high and low on the internet. Well, can you believe one of my friends bought the same item? The minute she chimed into the conversation, I knew she had purchased the same thing, and sure enough, she showed us the box! 

Hmm --- of course, she bought it several weeks ago! Not the last minute like myself. I was tempted to pay her a visit and steal the item, but that wouldn't be nice. Then another friend managed to find the item in question in a store in Quebec. This store did NOT come up in my search, so I immediately purchased the item, and let's hope it comes by December 1. By the way - that's a clue!

We don't thank people enough for doing favors for us, and I try to acknowledge them because I appreciate them taking a bit of time to help. So THANK YOU (you know who you are) who rescued me yesterday! And NO -- I won't have to resort to stealing! 

So for those friends who love to watch Yellowstone (I've no idea what's it about -- something about cowboys and mafia? - mafia on horseback? - whatever), I spotted this at Indigo yesterday. Just saying if you need a stocking stuffer!

A Guide to Yellowstone

Although it was warm yesterday, it was pretty windy, so I decided to bring out my Patagonia jacket. The one that was repaired for FREE. I love this company and can't say enough about them and their repair policy. This is my main winter jacket, and I've worn it for many years. The zipper went last year, and I returned it to Patagonia, and they fixed it. Not only did they fix the zipper, but some of the fabric was wearing on the inside of the elbows, and the down was coming out. 

The sleeve of my winter jacket

To look at the sleeve, you have no idea how they fixed that. They attached a new bottom of the sleeve to my jacket! On both sleeves!

The repair

Seriously??? I had NO IDEA until I saw it hanging in the closet and noticed that the coloring was SLIGHTLY off. I looked closer and realized what they had done. Brilliant!!!! You can't tell, and like I said, this jacket has been worn for many years. It's like a brand-new jacket! And the next time something goes, I might buy a new one. THANK YOU, Patagonia, for all that you do for the planet and all the fantastic products you make!! How did they match that color so well? 

I didn't need the jacket -- I was sweating as I walked. The wind was blustery, but it was a gorgeous day!

I also noticed that if you are getting a new dog, Corgis seem to be popular. It even made the cover of a magazine. Do you think that's to honor the queen? One of our neighbors recently got a Corgi! 

Corgi on the cover!

Speaking of dogs, my two are always up to no good! Murphy has always moved the big dog bed; now she moves the small one as well and has no issue with them being in the middle of the floor.

Don't mind me -- just rearranging the furniture to my liking

 Look at her! What a goof! 

MOM -- this new toy is great

And why is her butt in the air? 

MOM -- a little busy here! 

She was NOT interested in watching soccer! But it looked like she had pulled her bed over to be closer to the TV. 

I swear I spend a lot of time watching the two goof around. Imagine if they were puppies  - I would get NOTHING done. 

I need two or possibly three black buttons. Can you imagine, in all that mess, that I have no large black buttons? Certainly not three that match! I might be off today to buy buttons. 


I got an e-mail from my favorite book site owned by my favorite online store. For the record, I bought something from them recently, because I couldn't find it elsewhere! Don't judge me! I'm a hypocrite, and I'm OK with that! I never said not to shop there; just be mindful of what and how often you buy from them! 

The e-mail was about voting for the top books (on their site) for 2022. Naturally, I went to the mystery and thriller section and was dismayed that I had read only ONE of the twenty books listed. Seriously??? How can that be? Granted, some of them are in series, and I haven't got there yet; about half are on my "want to read" list, and I have one other sitting on the floor waiting for me to start it. 

I was not the only one who reviewed a few of these top lists. Another friend had gone through five different categories and had only read one or two from each, and she's also a voracious reader! 

Top twenty books (Thriller and Mystery) on Goodreads

How many have you read?? 

So I got to looking and found an easy way to add the unread ones to my "want to read" list. Then I realized they had their top 20 books for each year back to 2011, so I added all those I haven't read to my list. Why not? With over 300 books on that "want to read" list, I think I'm good for a long time! And that doesn't count many of the series I'm reading, and way behind! Since I read about 50 novels a year, I'm good!

I think that's hilarious, but comforting to know that I won't ever run out of reading material. OH -- and I got a new book series recommended to me yesterday (by another good friend!), and there are seven books. Those are not added yet! This is from a kid (me) who said they would read every book in the world when I was about 6 or 7! Little did I know! 

Well, that's it for me! I've got a Zoom presentation this morning, and then back to the sewing machine and the computer! I want this done today! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Mysteries and thrillers are my preferred genre to read, too. I I've only heard of 3 of those authors and only read 1 of the books on that list. "The Overnight Guest" by Heather Gudenkauf was a good read, plenty of twists and turns. I'll have to look for some of the other books on the list at my library.

    Sharon F.

  2. I am reading the Seven Sisters series because of you! I just started The Storm Sister. I am enjoying them, so thank you!

  3. I also love mystery/detective novels. Definitely try the Richard Osman series of books - “The Thursday Murder Club” group of retirement home detectives are hysterical. The Bullet That Missed (above) is the third in the series, and all are fantastic. The characters really grow on you, and new characters are added in each book. My Book Club group all love them. I also love the books in the “Comoran Strike” series of books by Robert Galbraith (pseudonym of J.K. Rowling) starting with “The Cuckoo’s Calling” - perhaps a little more gruesome than the Richard Osman books, but again the main characters become a beloved part of the mysteries. Wes26ca@gmail.com