Thursday, November 24, 2022

Cleaning FEVER!

The writing is done! Am I getting better? Or am I better prepared? It seems to take less time than it did in the past - I think my hands are getting faster at getting the thoughts on "paper," and I'm better at editing as my grammar improves. I used to fight with Grammarly to understand what they were telling me. It does NOT like Passive Voice, and I used to struggle with writing in the Active Voice. It's all good -- the writing is done!

And the dates are fixed up. I HOPE! Gosh -- by letting the calendar do autofill, it messed things up, and I swear I double-checked that before I sent out the dates to the classes. They all have the correct dates, but I did not, which isn't good. So the dates for the one-hour discussions were the biggest problem, and it's all fixed now. So the discussion for the digital cutters, EQ8, and embroidery software are all on the same day. It can't be helped -- I don't have enough free weekends to spread it around. We'll get it over and done with on the same day! Check out the blog post to get the new dates, but if you have signed up, I'll send you a link. If you can't attend on those dates but are interested, let me know, and I'll add you to the list. 

After the writing was done, I listened to my online lecture. Did I learn much? I knew a lot of the information, but it was still very informative, and I'm glad I listened. Yes -- I confess that I had my dust cloth in hand for most of it, and I was having a blast. Do NOT tell my mother that! I remember her making me dust her knick-knacks when I was a kid, and I told her that I would NEVER dust in my adult life and that I would have a cleaning lady! I have very few knick-knacks AND a cleaning lady! But she doesn't do Studio B, so I'm on my own.

Before I show you what happened, can you believe FLIP PHONES are back in! But these are not your grandmother's flip phones. They are pretty fancy!!! I think this is a Samsung Galaxy, but I bet all brands have their own version. I haven't seen it in person -- OH shoot -- I was at the mall yesterday, so I should have had a peek. I don't know that this is of interest to me. Darn it -- I might have to go back to the mall today to explore it - just because my inquiring mind wants to know!

A flip phone

When I started clearing, I started with the work tables and cleared everything off my main table where I sew. See my computer? I was listening to the lecture, but since it was a slide presentation, I didn't need my eyes glued to the screen. 

Cleaning the work tables

Then I got ambitious and removed all the sewing machines and sergers from those work tables and dusted them down. I probably should have washed the tables, but I never thought of it - too late! 

Work tables are a clean slate! 

In the process, I decided to deal with this blue box. I keep all the accessories for my Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 in there. It's a nine mm foot, and the rest of my feet are 6 or 7, so I keep the accessories separate. But there's a darn sticky label on the box, and I've tried to remove it in the past, but it's very stuck! 

Sticky label

I ran to get the GooGone and then remembered that the bottle had fallen and broken months ago, so it got thrown out. Hmm -- I have WD-40  - many cans (no idea why - does anyone want some?), and I grabbed that. Its job is to unstick things, so why not a label? 


And with a little bit of elbow grease, the label was gone! At last -- it's only been there for how many years? I told you -- I was on a cleaning high, and I might as well tackle silly little jobs while I'm in the mood. 

The label is gone! 

Then I decided to tackle this tray that sits beside the sewing machine. 

A tray of stuff sitting beside the sewing machine

Wait -- first, I cleaned my sewing machine. There was so much dust and lint on it that it was obscene, especially where the thread sits. So it got a thorough cleaning. 

The sewing machine is in need of a cleaning

And while I LOVE this sewing machine, it has a telescopic thread stand, which means the lid is open, and dust gets in that area. I don't like it. So what if I remove the thread at night (I don't sew every day) and close the lid? That could work (not sure I can commit to that, but I'll see). So I need a space to put the thread to keep it clean. And I have that box of stuff that was sitting beside the machine. 

I went to my cupboard of empty containers and found this cute tin box. 

A cute storage tin

The thread from the top of the machine, the items sitting in front of the sewing machine (three tools), and the few necessary items in that tray beside the machine are now in the tin. 

Tools are stored in a tin

There's a bit more stuff in this tin now, and I'll put a few things in plastic bags to keep the like items together and make it easier to find what I want. The tray is on the cutting table and will be dealt with later. It's primarily little triangles waiting to be stitched into half-square triangles. OK -- I get that, but it doesn't need to be sitting out all the time collecting dust, and I only need a handful at a time. 

So now I can close the lid of my sewing machine, and I want to make covers for all my machines.

Shiny and clean

I need four covers -- two large machines, one regular-sized machine, and a large serger. And I'll need another cover when I finally unpack the skid in the garage! I'd better get myself busy! I remember starting a cover with fancy embroidery, and it took me a few minutes to find it, but I pulled it out, and I might work on that during the retreat. I want these machines protected from dust. 

Some people have fancy aprons with pockets to put under their machines. I've tried using them, but I only need THREE tools when I sew, so I don't need an apron to hold those. And the other stuff will sit in those tins, and it'll be super easy to dust!!

Here's what the table looked like when I was done. Yes, by this time, the lecture was done. There are a lot of cords on that table, and I need them! 

The workspace looks spiffy

Now I'm thinking if I had that IKEA Alex table, I could get rid of those three boxes altogether and keep all the stuff in the two drawers, and there's a tray along the back of the table where I could put the cords. My friend Michele has several of them, and she loves them; the legs are metal, so they are sturdy enough for machine embroidery. I really should buy ONE to see if I like it. Hmm -- I could drive out today and get one. 

IKEA Alex table

Well, I didn't stop there. I cleaned the PFAFF creative icon 2 and put it back in its place, including the embroidery unit, as I need to do some embroidery. And the serger got cleaned and back on the table as well. There was a fourth machine on the table, but since I'm done with it, it's back in the box. 

Ready to sew, embroider and serge! 

I have three small projects prepped, and they are sitting on the worktables, but I need to keep these tables clear of everything but the immediate items to be serged, sewn, or embroidered!!! I'm pretty good about keeping this area clear, so I didn't have to remove much. 

Over the holidays, I'm going to try and clear the cutting table -- once and for all! As well as the current project table (find a home in a closet for the stuff) and the remaining mess on the floor -- again, find a home in a closet for it! I have the room, and it just looks ugly when stuff is out. It's hard to sew around a mess (how did I ever sew before when I had clutter everywhere?)  And the clean surfaces make it super easy to keep lint-free! As best as I can!! 

Would I ever be this conscientious in the rest of my house? Probably not, but I am aware of keeping the number of knick-knacks at a minimum and removing what we no longer need or want! 

I found a box (actually, an empty drawer) where I put all the paper on the floor in the office. It's a huge mess, but at least it's contained in one spot that is easy to move, and Murphy can no longer lay amidst the papers! 

Before I went to bed, I also cleared off the kitchen table. Not that there was much there, but a few things, and I had to glue the heat register back together after Miss Murphy stomped on it, and it broke. This is the second time she's done that - the register is in front of the window, and she gets excited. I put a small table over the vent, so I've no idea how this happened. It doesn't matter- I got my wood glue and glued it together. It's sat under something heavy all night, so it should be good as new. 

Gluing the register back together

I saw a pair of cardinals visit the bird feeders the other day. I've been remiss in keeping them filled, so that was done yesterday. I see I need to find some sunflower-only seeds as they ate all the sunflowers from one feeder and left the smaller seed. The smaller birds can't reach through the openings and get the seed as it's still there. 

I've said many times how different our girls are. When Murphy wants in, she sits at the door and barks. Lexi is more "ladylike" and will tap on the door with her paw!

MOM -- can I come in?

However, I've also seen her throw herself at the door and bang like she's being chased by a pack of wolves! But she won't bark to come in! Oh, my silly girls -- how would I be entertained without them? 

If you have kids/grandkids and want their pictures taken with Santa, get out there NOW. I walked past Santa in the mall, and he's got a big comfy chair, and there was no one in sight to sit on his knee. 

Santa at the mall

For those of you who live near me -- remember when that area used to be a mini-golf course? And then it became shops, and now it's a community space! 

I see the new cinema will open in 2023, so there is no chance of going there on Christmas Day. Darn --- but I'm not sure what movie we'll see either! DH usually picks the film and is in a conundrum about what to see. I'd go see 80 for Brady, but that only comes out in February! It looks hilarious, and well, why not!!

This is my week for QUILTsocial, so check out the blog post today. And I'll keep posting during the week as I'm very excited about what I made!! 

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat this weekend!!! I'm so excited that I can just sew on whatever I want! And there's so much to choose from! 

Here's the link to Saturday, November 26, starting at 6 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And here's the link to Sunday, November 27, starting at NOON.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

The dates for the Virtual Retreat in December are the 17th and 18th since the regular date would fall on Christmas Eve, and well, I don't know how many people would attend! I'd be there, but likely by myself!

It's super foggy outside with the warmer temperatures, so if you need to be out -- take care driving. I'm home all day with 'nothing to do! WAIT -- I mean no appointments or commitments. No pick-ups or drop-offs. But I have a stack of quilts to quilt and sewing to do! I won't be wanting for things to do!

Have a super day!!



  1. I have a cheaper solution then buying a new sewing table from IKEA for getting bins off the table. I have this little adhesive drawers. They stick under the table, perfect for those little tools I have my seam ripper, brush for cleaning out the bobbin area and screwdriver for taking the faceplate off. Love it I haven't lost my seam ripper since I got the drawer because I open it use it and put it back.

  2. I wish I could participate this weekend, but I'll spend a week in Lissabon (yeah!). So have fun, I'll think of you 😀 Nina