Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Work smarter not harder!

This has definitely been a transition year for all of us. Some of us are comfortable being out and about, while others are not. Then new outbreaks occur, and we move back to our bubbles. It's crazy trying to organize something, especially with the demographic we find in quilters. And we have become comfortable in our Zoom worlds!!

I'm writing this at night because I'll be on the road early on my way to Kingston! And I owe you some e-mails and some comments on the blog, so be patient! 

I don't have much to share with you as while I spent the ENTIRE day working on quilting stuff, it was all about the presentations and sample gathering. Thank goodness, I'm not going on a plane, as I just packed two large suitcases (again!) and bags of stuff! It makes a difference when you are in a car and have no weight limits!

Anyway -- I still have a wee bit of work to do on my presentations, but the one I need for 11 AM is DONE, and I'll work a bit more in the afternoon and Thursday morning on the others. It's not that I don't have enough; I have TOO MUCH, and I don't want to bore the audience. It's hard going from Zoom to in-person, where I can have REAL samples! 

Murphy was NOT impressed with all my time on the computer, and I think she wanted me to play with her? 

MOM -- play with me NOW

Gosh -- she just plunked herself down on my floor filing system! Sigh --- I need to address that, but there hasn't been much time in the last week. Perhaps, I can get to it next week, although I have two events, but the presentations for this week can be reused! Thank goodness for that! 

Then, while eating lunch, Murphy was trying to tell me again that she wanted to play, or was that an excuse to eat from Lexi's bowl? I took the ball out of there in case of any confusion on her part! She will gobble her food down but will NOT touch Lexi's. However, if even one morsel falls out of the bowl, and I've kicked the darn thing once or twice, and food spilled out, then it's fair game, and Murphy is right there to eat it. The minute Lexi eats, Murphy is right there to lick the bowl clean. What a girl!

An excuse to eat Lexi's food?

I did make her happy this afternoon as I took her on my walk. Lexi was outside and hopefully didn't even know we were gone! Murphy thought we were going to the dog park as we were headed in that direction, and I swear she was pulling harder than ever! She was in a hurry to get somewhere! 

Then we turned the corner, and she calmed down somewhat! But look how beautiful it is these days. And it was warm enough to walk in a T-shirt this afternoon. 

The forest

I have less than 5 hours to finish The Severn Sisters book. ACK!!! What is going to happen? Can I actually be saying that a historical novel is a page-turner? Yep -- I guess I am!! I put the next book in the series on hold, and it's even longer at 21 hours! Good grief -- this Lucinda lady was pretty verbose. I read a brief synopsis of all eight books; the last one is coming out in the spring of 2023. Can I read the others between now and then? 

So once again, if you are in the Kingston area and want to come to some in-person quilting, embroidery, and software events, check out the Stitch by Stich website and come and see me!! I'm looking forward to it!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Please, please let us know if you finished the book! Torry

  2. I have requested them from our library system. Hope I like them as much as you did. Torry