Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Battling blisters

Believe it or not, but I still have a blister! Yes -- I'm wearing my Camino shoes to finish them off, so these shoes have a wide toe box, and they are a full size larger than my regular shoes, and I still get that mohawk toe callus on my right foot (baby toe). It's a result of the toe being crushed by the one next to it. And, of course, the side of the shoe. Actually, it's never had a chance to fully heal.

There was a lot of dead skin from the walk, but most of that is gone. I still had pain when walking, and sure enough -- there was a blister there. So I drained it last night, and it feels a lot better, but good grief --- what is happening to that toe? I will try one of those plastic guards on that little toe to see if I can give it more room to properly heal. 

I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to turn on my sewing machines again! It seems there is so much other stuff to do, and I never get to Studio B. It's been weeks since I've touched it, and I have much to do. 

I spent a good part of the day doing e-mail and made progress, which was good. While cleaning up some of the e-mails, it never seems fast enough. You put three things on the list and get two done when I'm hoping for four. And I'm away for most of today, so no paperwork or sewing will get done either! 

But this is my last event day for a while, so I should be good to get lots done after today. 

Plus, I will NOT download another ebook for a while. They are too distracting!

I had some other errands that had to be done. There was nothing in the house for lunch, so I went to the grocery store and came home without one item on my mental list. But look what happens when there is a sale. No steel-cut oats! 

The steel-cut oats are gone!

Then, I had an appointment in the afternoon for a bone density test. This was my first one, so I had no idea what to expect. It seems they focus on the legs and hips - the critical areas to prevent falls. Then they ask questions like the date of my last period. How the heck do I remember that? Some people remember that to the day; I can't even remember the year!

So that is one more test off the list from my physical back in June. I have one more test to complete - a mammogram later this week. Both appointments were scheduled for June and July, but I had to reschedule because of my schedule, and I got both this week! 

Since I haven't heard back from the doctor, I'm going to believe that all the tests are OK, but I'll touch base with her next week to see. I was going to get my test results online, but I'm only paying for that privilege when I need tests more frequently to warrant the cost. 

I walked to and from the appointment, so I got in quite a few steps, which is good as I need to make up some distance. And just when I think I'm getting ahead, I won't be able to walk much today, so that will put me back again. I'm about 5% behind schedule, but I will make it up!

I walked through the mall on my way home to look for a fancy top. I'm still determining how much I'll pay since I'll likely only wear it once! But I spotted this in the center area. Those are HUGE leaves but beautiful. For reference, you can see two people walking by that tree! Gosh -- this looks just like my pond! 

Fall display in the mall water feature

It was hot yesterday, and today will be equally as hot. Then it's going to drop down to single digits later this week. It's Canada! 

Oh my gosh -- I had to laugh at Bear. He was outside barking at the gardener! What a big, tough guy trying to protect "his" turf!

Bear defending his turf

And that Lexi is starting to come out of her shell. She slept outside again, making four nights in a row, and she has zero interest in being in the house, even during the day. But I sat outside for a bit, and well, she's just a crazy girl. 

MOM -- I do love you!

Then I caught her and Bear playing. Oh my gosh -- they were so cute together. I took some video and sent it to M. Yikes -- I guess that's where I'm also spending my time. I need to send her pictures -- lots and lots of photos every day! But it's all good -- I would take the pictures anyway, and it only takes a few minutes to send. 

So -- now I'm off to spin class again. 

Have a great day!!!


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  1. when my mother had a bunion on the side of her foot she used a piece of foam rubber to protect if from rubbing on her shoe