Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Big and little

I'm amazed at the number of SPAM comments my blog gets. OK -- I guess it's not that many, but it is annoying. And these are NOT written by a person. Nope -- we have Artificial Intelligence to thank for that! Those little robots get out there and latch onto whatever hook they can. It's like all technology for me -- I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with it. 

The same thing with Instagram and Facebook. Many people wonder who is sitting there asking to be their friends. It is NOT a person -- it's AI -- so a robot is generating accounts and scouring the social media pages, asking to be your friend. Not a person at all! I go into Instagram and delete these requests every two days or so. 

While these social platforms are great, you must be careful with them. I don't post much these days -- no one wants to hear about my lunch or my boring daily routine -- they can read it here! But I check out what is happening with friends and family. 

For the first time in a long time, I got some work done while on a Zoom call. We had our Monday sewing yesterday, and I accomplished some homework prep! In addition, I'm working on a project for our convention (EPIC3 release next week), and I made progress on that as well. 

Yes --- I was going to run out of thread, and when I hit the START button, I forgot to switch the spools, so I had to babysit it until the one on the left ran out. I needed more thread for the entire project, and based on what's been happening (the learning curve), I'm going with Plan B, which is a scaled-down project. Heck -- it's an entirely different thing! I still want to do the other project, but I need more advice before proceeding. 

Running out of thread

Let's say that that project has been a learning experience from the moment I started it. I'm still learning as I still don't have it down as slick as I would want. What I need is a metal hoop that is 150 by 260 -- that would solve most of my problems. So EPIC3 designers --- do I hear YEAH for a 150 by 260 or even a 260 by 260 -- I'll take that! 

And, of course, I had a helper in all this! 

Just checking out the embroidery unit for you!

Since I was working on homework prep, you don't get to see what I'm working on, but I have three things that need to be finished/sewn for this coming weekend. Actually, there are FOUR classes, and I need to have something done for each. Some are started, some are not! 

But I can tell you that I was working on my Barn Star Sampler, which generates LOADS of those wee cut-off triangles, which I turn into half-square triangles. 

There are triangle corners that still need to be sewn together. And more will be generated as I still have more blocks to sew. 

Cut-off triangles to sew together as enders/leaders

I trimmed some more this morning. I'm trying to keep up to date with the trimming. As I sew, I press and trim. 

Half-square triangles pressed and trimmed

And here's what I have so far! I could make a second quilt out of all of those. 

All the pressed half-square triangles

Today will be another busy day, but I should finish all the embroidery for my project and then move on to the construction! 

Those girls are like two children. OK -- so they are children. I do NOT make whipped cream very often - maybe once a year. But as a treat, I let them lick the beaters. I know -- but you remember licking them as a kid. And there's not much cream left on the beaters, so it won't kill them. 

The MINUTE I got the mixer out of the cupboard and turned around; this is what I saw. 

MOM -- are you making whipped cream?

Yep --- how do they remember things like that? 

And here are a couple of big dog little dog pictures. 

Lexi Big Dog, Bear Little Dog

I love how they are in sync with each other. 

Muprhy Big Dog, Bear Little Dog

Let's say that those dogs are a big source of entertainment throughout the day! Bear is learning to ask to go out, and I take him for a walk twice a day, but outside in the backyard many times for a pee, and I think he's getting the hang of it. It's quite different to an apartment all day and having access to a backyard! The poor little guy doesn't know any different. He's learning!

I feel a cold coming on, so I took something last night, which shut everything down, and I had a great sleep. I just felt a sniffle and grabbed another pill, so let's hope it works as well during the day. There is zero time to be sick, and I hate being sick. But don't worry -- I'm not overdoing anything! I get loads of sleep, and while I have deadlines, I also have the entire week free to complete those assignments. 

Well, except for a meeting this morning. 

On that note, I'm out of here! There is much to be done, and I might need a nap to help my immune system!

Have a great day!!!


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