Saturday, October 28, 2023

Too many quilts!

There is good news today! I feel better! Now, before we go and have a party - I'm slightly better. I actually woke up at the "right" time for me, and that makes me feel better. But I had two long naps yesterday. I swear, when I need a nap, I'm not kidding. I need to lie down IMMEDIATELY, or I'll fall asleep on my feet. And I know I'll have at least one nap today -- I just hope I can make it through the two Zooms. I may shorten the walks with the girls this morning to get a nap in before. 

But I feel better! And that's all that counts. And we did have some quiet time in the backyard as well. I should say that Bear and I had quiet time while Murphy barked her head off at something. She is the most vocal dog I've ever had. 

What a difference two days can make. This first photo was taken two days ago. While some of the leaves have fallen, there's still a fair number on the trees. I LOVE the rich red colors of these trees. 

Fall colors

This is what those same trees looked like yesterday. Hardly a leaf left on them! I guess we had some wind, but I didn't think it was that strong. Well, it is fall, after all!

The same trees - two days later

There are still leaves in the forest, but the green is gone. Or mostly gone!

The leaves in the forest are changed as well

It's so pretty and relaxing to walk there. When I take Bear for a walk in the forest, he's slow as molasses, as he must sniff EVERY leaf we see. The other two? They charge through the forest, stopping only if something significant strikes their fancy! 

Beautiful colors

The little guy and I had to make a car trip to get more food for him. He's on a special diet (urinary tract issues), and we needed to find a vet that had the food when he first came here. Thankfully, we could get the prescription sent to this vet, and we now have enough food to last for his time here. At some point, the little guy will go home, but not before we attempt to dognap him! He's just too darn cute! 

Going for a ride

So, I've got two presentations today, and both are prepped and ready to go! I had to dig a lot of quilts out of the cupboards to take pictures. 

Taking pictures

More quilts that need pictures

They all got unfolded, and I snapped a photo, and then they all got folded up again and back in the cupboard. One day, I need to go through those quilts and take a picture of each one and any details that I might like to have. The pictures should be filed in appropriate folders and tagged. Then I would NEVER have to do that again. 

I also need to GIVE those quilts away or sell what I can. There are so many, and I'll never use them. It's just so hard to sell quilts and get anything for them. Hmmm --- I've got to do something. I'm tired of seeing them all here!

I was exhausted when I was done. I had a quick bite and went to bed for over an hour! That's not normal for me, but this week -- that's very normal. 

I'm not pushing myself in the least, even though I have a lot of work to get done in the next week. I got a quilt loaded on the long arm, but then knew I would be pushing it to get it quilted, so I'll tackle that later today. I have a few samples to make for upcoming events, and I'll do what I can!

I'll post a list of where I'll be in November, but I have some events introducing the Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 3, so if you're in Ontario or Winnipeg, I might be near you! Watch for those!

Remember, the virtual retreat is this weekend. I have a bag of scraps to sort, so that'll be an easy sit-down task while chatting. But I may not be chatting much since I have two Zooms, and I need to spare my throat. Not that it's sore, but two Zooms is a lot on top of recovering from whatever I had. 

Saturday, October 28, Starts at 6 PM EST

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Have a super day!!!


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