Monday, October 16, 2023

One more UFO bites the dust

And so the crazy travel day begins! I've been up early with a list of things to do. It all got done (I think!), except for ONE thing, which I can do while I'm away! The only thing I wish I had access to while I'm away is my contact list for e-mail. I must call Microsoft and see how to set it up on my One Drive so I always have it. I could easily move it, but which file is it? I'm not messing around with that in a rush!

But I'm NOT in a rush. I finished my challenge project last night. Threw caution to the wind and washed it! It is far from perfect, but it was a HUGE learning curve for me. Now that I'll be amidst a group of experts, I'll get their advice and redo it! It'll be better! It's really quite pretty, and honestly, only someone who looked closely could see the faults! I'm not worried -- it's all part of experience gathering. 

E-mails have been sent, documents printed that needed to be printed, I'm checked in for my flight, and all I have to do is walk the girls, take a shower, and get to the airport! 

Yesterday was all about the UFO club. The club has definitely been very helpful to many of us who struggle to get things done. No, let me rephrase that -- it's supposed to be used for UFOs, although occasionally, we let a current project slip in. I'm tackling the list of UFOs, but not nearly as fast as I would like. Hopefully, that will change in 2024. I looked at my lists the other day, and oh boy -- not a lot happened, and I'm still working on the list I set out for 2019. But having those lists means that things are not getting forgotten. It's just that some of them are HUGE. Baby steps. 

So here's the UFO that I've been working on FOREVER. Several years ago, OK -- make that MANY years ago, I purchased these Kellogg panels for a song. I have no idea why, but I bought MANY of them. And I made two One Block Wonder/Stack n Whack quilts from them. Shoot -- I do not have pictures handy to share with you. I'm organized, but some of my pictures are still not in the right spot.

Of course, I kept all the scraps. So, I pulled that bag out in May as my UFO. Why? I've no idea, but I wanted it done. 

What I started with

There were a few more bits, but this is mostly what I had to work with, and I had a green, a red, and a yellow print to go with it. 

After much messing around, here is the finished quilt top. It's about 47 by 49 or something like that. 

Completed UFO

It was a totally chaotic process from start to finish, but it was loads of fun, if not frustrating at times. There isn't much left, and I'll likely piece it together to make part of the backing. 

The scraps 

Yahoo -- and one more UFO is off the list!!!!

Oh, my -- look at the time. If I want to get those last few things done and I have to walk the dogs, I'd better get myself organized. 

Here are a couple of other pictures before I go. I expect this trip to be pretty stress-free; all I have to do is be a helper. That's easy. But we will get to do some sewing/embroidery on the NEW Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 3. So I did a little bit of packing. I grabbed some threads. 

Threads to play with

Then I threw the thread, some fabric, stabilizer, and many other things into my project bag. The bags are packed and by the front door. 

My bag of supplies

On that note, I'm out of here! It will be a whirlwind week, and I can't wait to see the new machine tomorrow. For all of you who are envious -- don't worry. It won't be a glamorous week - I do have to work! And there's the FUN of a travel day there and back. Let's not forget about the teardown! I get to miss setup but imagine packing up MANY of those heavy machines. Yep!

Have a great day!!!


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