Sunday, October 15, 2023

Progress is good

 Have you ever had something to do but say you'll leave it for the morning. Then you can't sleep, so after lying there for a while, you finally get up to do it? Then when you wake up, you feel crappy from lack of sleep? Yep -- that's my morning. Thankfully, I'm a morning person, so I don't feel crappy for too long! I can't imagine how people cope if it takes them several hours to wake up as part of their routine!

By the way, I learned vinegar is great for unclogging glue tips! Thanks, Brenda! I did not have time to make that happen yesterday, but when I'm back and have applique on my brain, I'll try it. 

We had two great Zoom classes in the morning, and I hope to share some of that with you over the next bit. I also got all my homework for the UFO club done this morning. Yes, the club is this morning, and YES, I finished it this morning! 

I'll also share that later this week, but I knew I was getting tired yesterday when I joined two border strips, and I KNEW it was wrong, but I kept sewing. Only to find I had stitched them from bottom left to top right when I should have done the join bottom right to top left. Why do we do these things? 

The join is WRONG

Thankfully, it was a short seam to rip out, and I had not cut my fabric yet. But the borders are on the project, FINALLY. And the next project is pulled to work on. I "failed" miserably at completing UFOs this year. It took me almost all year to complete this top and another very simple one. Too busy with travel and prepping everything else. 

Yes, I'm doing new stuff for the classes (and ultimately for myself) and NOT cleaning up the UFOs. I'm unhappy with that, so something else will have to drop off the calendar next year. Plus, I would love a few days a month (already on the calendar) to get up and do whatever I want instead of meeting a deadline. 

Like I could have a jigsaw on the go. So help me, but I did NOT need to buy this puzzle yesterday when I went to Indigo. But it was on sale because the box was open, but the bag of pieces was not. Then, it was further discounted, and I would get another 10% off with my reward card. I caved, and it came home with me!

New jigsaw puzzle

Then I saw these EXIT games. They are similar to the Advent Calendars (by the same company), and it's for 1 - 4 players. I bought it thinking it could be my training for the Advent Calendar. The level is Novice (two dots), so hopefully, I can do it. It'll be a "fun" thing to do one day in November. 

EXIT Escape room game

You know it's been a productive week when spools of thread are being emptied! Three of them! 

Empty spools of thread

I got another customer quilt done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

This one is Halloween-themed, and I could not resist doing the spider web. 

Spider web quilting

The pattern size allowed TWO rows of the spider web in the frame, but it had to be PRECISELY positioned as there was very little room at the top and bottom for error. I don't think I've ever seen the foot come that close to either edge. 

Not much extra room!

I don't think I can get them trimmed before I leave tomorrow morning. So I'll let everyone know, and they'll get them the following week. Today, I need to focus on the project I must have done for the convention. I have time, hoping nothing goes wrong! 

I managed to get part of the section from Green Tea and Sweet Beans together. I need to do some applique on one block, remake one small section of another, and cut some strips before I can call it finished, but it's all progress. Progress is good!!!

Progress on Green Tea

There always seems to be a ton of stuff that has to be done before going away. Why is that? I'm only gone a week, but there are e-mails to send projects to finish, and stuff to pack. This should be the last (or almost the last) plane trip for work, but I am NOT required to take samples, so that's a bonus. I can get away with a carry-on! Yeah!!

On that note, I'm out of here. The presentations are ready for this morning's sessions, but I still need to walk the girls and the boy! And it just doesn't work to walk them together. I have no idea how dog walkers walk multiple dogs and live to talk about it. 

Have a super day!!


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