Friday, October 6, 2023

OUCH -- that hurts!

The good news about the blister is it only required one drain, and now it's going into a callus, which will take some time to fall off, but at least the pain is gone, not that it prevented me from walking. Not much would keep me from walking! I managed to get some extra miles in yesterday, so that was good, but I still need to catch up on my virtual challenge. Now that I have some breathing room in my schedule, I am confident I'll get back on track. 

However, I must be careful what I wear when walking in the forest. It's been hot these last couple of days, and I was too lazy to find a pair of socks, so I've been wearing my Teva sandals, which, once they are broken in, are very comfortable. However, this is what happens when a stick grabs your foot! OUCH! Thankfully, it wasn't worse than it is, and it was a two-minute pain, and then it was gone. Notice how you can barely see my little toe -- that's the one with the callus!

A stick grabbed my foot!

I must learn how to force my e-mail to sync. It will send and receive no problem, but I need it to sync so that whatever comes in on my cell phone arrives in my inbox. That's critical when we have access to the same stuff on multiple devices -- everything has to sync. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I need to learn how to force it to sync without waiting for that to happen. If it doesn't, you don't get pictures! 

I also had a bad time getting to sleep, so I slept in this morning. 

I had two appointments yesterday -- a massage and a mammogram. I know that all of you are thinking - WOW -- I would LOVE the massage, but I'll pass on the mammogram. However, I beg to differ. If I had the choice of the two? I'd take the mammogram. Why? 

Pros of the Mammogram to the massage

 Mammogram - 15 minutes with about 3 minutes of pain

Massage -  60 minutes with about 59 minutes of excruciating pain.

Mammogram - free

Massage -- cost a lot of money

Mammogram - no aftereffects

Massage - trouble sleeping, sore muscles the next day

So you see what I mean? The mammogram would have been a none event in my day; the massage was a killer. 

There was one thing in favor of the massage over the mammogram. Free parking!

This parking lot is not far from the hospital, and before it became a paid parking lot, it was FULL. You could never find a parking spot there, which was a pain. Then, they introduced paid parking, eliminating some parking issues. Although you could park at the back and get away with not paying. Not so any longer. I was at the machine getting my parking ticket, and as I walked back to my car, the enforcement person was standing at my car. Yep -- that's my car, and here's my ticket! 

I usually walk there now, but I had to come directly from the gym (for the massage), and there wasn't time to walk. 

Here's the thing -- both are necessary. And YES -- I will contact my doctor at the end of next week to get the results of all my routine tests. I wonder if my iron is low, and that's why I'm tired these days? That's a possibility. I think it's too much running around, and I feel pretty good today. 

Why was the massage so brutal? It's because my muscles are so darn tight! And I do NOT stretch. I know I need to - I do not and need to kick myself in the butt to stretch more. Then, I could actually have a relaxing massage. She worked on my glutes yesterday, which was a killer; my shoulders, neck, upper back, and lower back - all of them were tight and hurt!

After one week, I managed to get Bear his proper food. The poor little guy. He has crystals in his urine, and we found out the day that he left to come to Toronto. I couldn't get the prescription food at the pet store, so we had to get the prescription e-mailed to a vet who had the food in stock. But all is good now, and he seems to like the food, so hopefully, that'll help his crystal issue. 

Bear's new food

I walked later in the afternoon to pick up some cheese for my lunch. Oh boy -- I don't even look at the prices of stuff. The cost of cheese is scary, as is everything else in the store. And I find that Loblaw's is more expensive for some stuff - like cheese. I know better than to buy cheese there! 

However, that store has been under renovation for the last couple of months, and it's done. Imagine my surprise when I went inside to find that about 1/4 of the store has been completely sectioned off. They no longer seem to have Joe Fresh in the store, and there is a wall to the top of that high-pitched room inside. I wonder what will go in there? 

Renovating the unused portion of the Loblaws

It amazes me at all the building going on in the commercial/retail world. There are so many "for lease" signs in the windows of new spaces, yet they continue to build more. 

I walked to the library on my way home, and construction is also going on there. This will become a community plaza in front and along the side of the library. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done. 

Construction at the library

As I turned the corner onto my street, which is way in the background of this photo, I could spot Murphy in the window. Now, from that distance, all you can see is a light blob in the lower part of the window. But the moment I came into view, I saw her get up, and I know she went to the front door to wait for me. 

Murphy's view of the street

Seriously? She looked with that intensity for over an hour to recognize me the second I turned the corner? Or did her internal clock just kick in when she knew I was close? Either way, I was very impressed! 

One must be careful when walking in the forest, not only because of the sticks and open shoes but also because of the RAINING acorns. 

Acorns everywhere

The ground under the oak trees is littered with them. 

Remember to check out QUILTsocial for the first set of instructions to make that project bag. 

And here's the final set of instructions to complete the project bag. 

And on that note, I NEED to get to the computer today. Those e-mails are still waiting to be sent; some must be done today. Plus, I need to get the prep done for two Zoom classes for tomorrow. 

Have a super day!!


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