Sunday, October 8, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK --- I think we got everyone straightened out on those classes. But I still had someone request to get in at NOON!!! Now, to figure out how to get those Facebook groups to work correctly. I have many groups from old classes and want to delete them, but HOW? OK -- so research into how Facebook groups work is in order. I want the ability to DELETE someone from a group, but not BAN them. That sounds so severe! 

Do you ever have moments when your brain is about to explode with excitement? That's me right about now. There is so much NEW going on that I don't have time to do everything I want, and when you learn something SIMPLE that will blow your mind -- well, I need to take some DEEP BREATHES!

I won't share that little tip with you this morning because the group needs to see it first. But WOW!!!!! I just learned how to save ENORMOUS amounts of time on a certain thing - not email!

I need to get the follow-up notes to both classes from yesterday, and that will happen right after the two sessions this morning. It's Thanksgiving, so I'm not sure how many will show up, but I'll run them anyway! How much time does it take to cook a turkey anyway? I'm so beyond the need to cook a big meal for a family. I'd rather sit around eating pizza, drinking beer, and visiting than spending time in the kitchen. And they will gobble it down so fast that no one appreciates it! Pizza and beer it is! 

Wait -- that'll be more like kibble and water since "my family" is DH and three dogs! 

Yes -- there is the little guy. He needs his face washed, but don't tell his Mom. He's pretty happy to be dirty, and the lighting doesn't help either. 

Mr. Bear!!!! In need of a bath!

Both Murphy and Lexi are getting more comfortable with him. However, when Bear was trying to play with a toy yesterday, Murphy got in there like a jealous dog and would steal it from him. Bad dog Murphy! She needs to learn to share!

And he is learning to ask to go pee in the backyard. That is a totally foreign thing for him, and I hate having pee pads around the house. He asked yesterday! Good boy!!!!! Otherwise, I'm taking him out often, but we haven't gotten to the point of the other business in the backyard. That requires being on a leash! 

But he loves the gazebo, and if I go out there to sit, he's right behind me! 

The girls and the boy love it when I sit in the gazebo!

I left for my walk, and this is what I saw when I looked in the window. Oh my god --- this is too funny. Bear is not taking too much crap from Murphy! 

Push over, big dog -- the bed is for me - I'm height-challenged!

Got in my KMs yesterday and a little bit extra. It all helps. I'm still 4% behind, but at least I'm slowly closing the gap!

OK -- so please tell me this is because they didn't have enough letters to spell it correctly. I spotted this in front of the local elementary school, and it was the same on BOTH sides of the sign. 

Is this for real?

Studio B is a disaster, and it's not going to get better any time soon. Look at all the stuff on the floor, and those two tables set up temporarily are still there. Thankfully, a good part of what was on the floor has been put away!

What a mess

Thankfully, there isn't much stuff on them, but enough! 

The temporary tables are becoming permanent

The sewing tables, which are usually pretty clear, are piled with more stuff. 

The sewing tables are a mess as well

I now have boxes and boxes of stabilizers; I need to organize them because it's a total disaster! I thought of purchasing some bins and sorting them by type, but I will try to store them in those two white cabinets. So, there's more cleaning and tidying to do, but it'll look better! I had better get embroidering because I have to use that stuff up! 

Boxes of stabilizer

And here's a batting that I bought the other day. 70% cotton, 30% poly. Hmm -- I wonder what that is like -- it's pretty heavy! 

Dream Blend batting

I also fired up the embroidery machine yesterday and did some stitching. What I want to do will take hours to stitch out - each design takes almost two hours, and I need MANY of that design. I also had a minor SNAFU, but I have figured out how to fix it. Now the question is how to prevent it in the future! I'm not sure I have enough thread, so I must find a store that sells SULKY thread. I bought all of that particular color from my dealer. Does anyone know of a store that sells SULKY? 

While buying designs and stitching them out is fun, it's way more fun to make things up. I found a design in the mySewnet library, and now it's time to see what I can do with it! 

On that note, I'm out of here! The girls need to be walked, and I have homework to prepare!

Have a great day!!!


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  1. Pls let us know of a store that sells sulky. I have been looking , too