Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Unpacking and packing

Dare I say that I'm back? While yesterday was NOT the most productive day of my life, I actually accomplished stuff! And today, I've been up and cutting fabric, so I'll say I'm back!

In chatting with others, it appears that many are "struggling" to get back into the swing of things, and I bet this glorious weather we are experiencing isn't helping. It's like summer! We used to call this "Indian" Summer, but I'm not sure that's politically correct. But it seems that summer keeps going on and on. I'm OK with that, but getting motivated to work inside is hard. 

It's the perfect weather for hanging out in the gazebo and watching the world go by. I have been lax at sitting at the computer, so this morning, I have some computer work that needs to be done. If you've been waiting for an e-mail from me --- it should come today!

But I seem to have mild allergy symptoms that are crazy. Do NOT touch the eyes. If I touch them, particularly the right one, I'm toast! And a mild nose drip -- I know -- you did not need to know that. But it's annoying -- it's not full-blown, just a wee drip. OK -- so have you ever wondered how celebrities deal with these issues? Or the Queen when she was alive? Are they heavily medicated against this stuff? Do they have perfect health? (I think not!), so how do they deal with this stuff? 

And how do they deal with things like an itchy tip of the nose? I want to know how they do it!

I have a few things to switch around in my calendar, but let's say the October calendar looks pretty tame compared to the last couple of months. Yes, there is one week of travel, and there are classes and clubs, but it's quiet compared to the previous couple of months, and I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and getting things done! 

The first thing I did was finish unpacking the sample suitcases. And I left this one open, and guess who jumped in? 

Hey -- where are we going?

If Murphy thought she was the center of attention -- she better think again! This little guy takes center stage and isn't afraid to show it! Gosh -- he's a snuggler, though. He doesn't have his sweater on today, and in the middle of the night, I felt him crawl under the covers to get warm. I'm always afraid of rolling over and crushing him, but I guess he knows enough to move before that happens. 

Not only did I unpack those suitcases, but they got sorted. What needed to be put away, what needed to be "fixed," and by that, I mean some of the pieces needed the stabilizer or excess fabric removed. That happened, and the like samples were put together in bags. Sometimes, I'm not the best at keeping those things together, and when I'm doing a presentation, I sometimes have to search through the pile to find the right one. This will help, and I must redo it after every presentation. 

I have pulled out what I need for the presentations on accessories for Wednesday at Embellish in Cobourg -- if you're in the area, you should check it out --- there will be loads of info to get you inspired to try some accessories for your sewing machine!

I have to repack the suitcase today (only one) and check that I have everything I need. 

The little guy absolutely loves sitting in that big bed in the front window, and I saw a girl walk by yesterday, and she was laughing as she spotted him! He's just too darn cute for his own good! 

Guarding the house

And he loves the sun! He's getting so comfortable that he just plops himself down - he's not clingy like Miss Murphy! 

This sun is amazing! 

And they don't mind being in the big bed together. 

Little dog, big dog

Where is Lexi in all this? She slept outside again! It doesn't help that her Dad (DH) is away, and she adores him (brat!) and basically wants nothing to do with us until he comes home. OH -- let me rephrase that --- if it's time for a walk, she'll be the first to the door, but otherwise? She couldn't care about any of us! That girl!

And then, at one point, Bear plopped himself down at the front door. It was much cooler there, and I think he was getting hot from being in the sun all that time. 

A cool place to have a nap

Just popped an allergy pill. I sneezed and did not want this to escalate into something worse today. 

In addition to unpacking the suitcase, I cleared the cutting table. OK -- not the entire cutting table, just half of it! I brought these two rolls of macrame cord home from the farm. I hope to make something creative from them with the sewing machine. 

Macrame cord

Here's a pattern that I bought when I was at Stitcharie. They are so cute and, well, I just had to have one. The designer is Be Sew Inspired. She has some cute patterns on her site. 

Superhero pattern

This comment is NOT to pick on her patterns, but gosh -- there are some patterns out there, and you wonder -- did they copy directly from another designer? Did they think that idea up independently, while another designer had the same idea years ago? Or was it just a coincidence? I guess that's why I'm not keen to have any patterns out there (or not many), so I don't have to worry about copyright issues. 

I also managed to get this binding made. The strips were sewn together, actually on the serger, but it's been sitting on the ironing board, waiting to be pressed in half. Let's see -- it's maybe two months it sat there? Now, it's ready to be quilted. 

A "to be quilted" project

I had to drop off my jacket at the dry cleaner's, and I took the little guy with me. I was going to get something at the grocery store but realized that wouldn't happen with him. So I'll go by myself this morning. I show him the pumpkins, and what does he want to do? Lift his leg. NO!!!!! Boys will be boys! Yikes-- it will cost me $21 to get that coat dry-cleaned. It has been years since I last went to a dry cleaner! 

Pumpkins are made to pee on!

I see my posts are up this week in QUILTsocial. And you must check it out because I have a great project this week and am introducing you to a new sewing machine. NO -- it is not the EPIC 3. It's the Husqvarna Viking ONYX 25. 

Here's the link to Day One. 

And here's the link to Day Two

On that note, I'm out of here for my "chore" of walking three dogs separately! 

Have a super day!!


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  1. I don't think anyone deals with copyright battles anymore. I got a pattern from a LQS about 15y ago. Then, it suddenly appears on the website of a much revered US based designer and she's made a bloody fortune on it. Yet she's one who screams 'copyright' infringement. Things that make ya roll your eyes 😬