Monday, October 2, 2023

It's all about Bear

Can I possibly have had another lazy day? Well, it was not so much being lazy as I didn't get much done except visiting! 

However, I must say that we had two Zoom sessions in the morning - one on EQ8 and one on digital cutters - both were continuations of classes before our summer break, which seemed to never end! 

It was great to see everyone, and it was great to get back to what we love to do! But I seemed to run out of steam after, and we ran late with the digital cutters. Then it was into the Virtual Retreat, and I spent most of the time just chatting and accomplishing nothing! 

Today will be a different day! It has to - even though we have Monday sewing! I remembered a handwork job that I was supposed to work on and forgot to do yesterday. So today is the day for that job! 

I spent some time on the phone chatting with family, and can you believe that my microphone, which never seems to work (on Zoom), picked up the conversation just fine! Well, part of it! The group tried to text me, but HEY --- my cell phone was downstairs while I chatted on the home phone. But I was even outside -- how did that happen? Another one of the mysteries of the world. 

So today, you are getting pictures of Bear. Even Murphy is getting sidelined by the little guy because he's so darn cute! He is settling in like he has lived here all his life. 

Wait -- I have a Lexi story. I never even thought to get a picture when this happened, but I decided to take all three dogs out for their individual walk, and that worked much better and probably took less time than trying to walk Bear and Murphy. So our timings were all off. 

But when Lexi and I were out, she met her boyfriend, called Wednesday. He is also a Husky, and she loves him to death! He was with an older gentleman yesterday, but she didn't care. She just marches right up to him and wants to play. Her reaction to Wednesday is different from any other dog. He is somewhat tolerant of her, and I know that if they were off their leashes, they would be ripping around the forest like two crazies!

We ended up following Wednesday at one point, and she was going crazy with joy!

Lexi following Wednesday through the forest

Between Zoom classes, I popped outside and look where Bear ended up! He zipped off to the gazebo (he's a bad influence!) and plopped down in the sun. And he seems pretty proud of himself for doing that as well. Murphy accepts Bear but still thinks she should be the center of attention, and since she's not, well, her nose is out of joint. 

Big dog - little dog

And if you think her nose is out of joint in that picture, look what happened! Murphy's bed is in the front window, and Mr. Bear decided to claim it as his own. It's hilarious because he can see out the window when he's sitting there. He even started barking in his little man's voice when he saw a dog pass. It was hilarious. Murphy was nowhere to be found. 

The little dog in a BIG bed

As far as unpacking my suitcase, I got as far as moving it into the kitchen, and last night, when I was on the Zoom call, I heard some scratching and looked to see Bear perched on my suitcase. Later, he was curled up and asleep. Was that a hint that he wanted to be on the road again? Or just a convenient space to sleep? I went and got his cushy dog bed, and he immediately curled up and went to sleep. 

A good place to sleep

I guess it was a message that he wanted someplace to sleep, and nothing was available to his liking. He's certainly not going to sleep on the cold floor! The poor thing doesn't have any hair at the moment. But I've figured out how to give him his food, which keeps him relatively clean, so that helps. 

He has settled in quite nicely, but Lexi's nose is also out of joint. She slept outside again last night - not interested in being in the house at all, and Murphy hasn't been upstairs at bedtime for two nights in a row! Perhaps they are jealous? They get enough love -- don't feel sorry for them!

I did not sleep well; however, I pushed myself out of bed this morning, and I'm off to spin class. I need to get back into my routine as quickly as possible. I can always nap in the gazebo later this afternoon, and I suspect I will not be alone!

That is if I can leave this darn book alone. That's it --- I am NOT downloading another book once this one is finished. It's called The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle. Where do these authors get their ideas? Anyway --- I want to know what happens, but I need to stop reading -- I have loads of work to get done, and there's time to read, but not all day! Oh dear -- should I add her other novels to my "to-be-read" list that is already too long? Oh --- I did -- I just added them all. 

On that note, I'm out of here!!

Have a super day!


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