Wednesday, October 11, 2023

It's time to buy your Advent Calendars

The days are marching right along, and it's almost the middle of October. How the heck did that happen? 

I had a great day yesterday, and I'm happy to report that I have my old energy level and motivation back! That took some time, but it wasn't surprising considering how much time I "slacked" off in the summer months. I think the temperature change (season) has helped a lot, and a few deadlines as well. 

I wonder how I would cope in a climate without that temperature change or where it always stayed warm? I'd be a slug! I used to work with a group in Latin America, and I always remember my boss saying how difficult it was to get work done as they work on a different clock than we do. It's the heat! And remember -- the Spanish have a siesta in the afternoon!

It was time to get back to customer quilts. And I got one done, which I'll trim later today after loading the next one. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Thankfully, using the long arm is like riding a bike. It's easy to get back into the swing of it!

Then, I went back to work on the Barn Star Sampler to get all the homework prep done for this weekend's class! And that got done (or mostly done) as well. You'll get to see after the class. The quilt is going to be bright and cheery and BIG. 

This is the little bucket of trimmings. My colors are very citrus-looking! 

My scrap bin

And, of course, I had help while I was working. Murphy was lying underneath the sewing machine, so sewing was virtually impossible. OH dear -- I have my foot pedal on her mat. No wonder she was there! And Little Bear was in his bed on the other side of the chair. He never gets in the way! And Lexi never comes downstairs. 

Let sleeping dogs lie!

I also finished some more embroidery, and I need to make one more decision today before I can start assembling it. I hope I have enough thread, but I have a backup plan if I do. Let's say that I got much better as my experience level grew! Do I dare go one step further? I'll see how brave I am later this week. 

It's hard to tell in this photo, but all three are outside. When I open the door and say, "Let's go," Little Bear runs out with the rest of them. He's so cute because he's so tiny and tries to play with the two big girls. I think he likes going out and exploring the backyard a bit more. It's not such a big scary place after all. I wonder if his attitude will change if we get snow? NOT that it is in the forecast. 

Afternoon playtime and bio break

And this is Murphy. While you can't tell in the photo, she is positively vibrating after an invigorating run around the backyard chasing Lexi. Lexi got tired and zipped under the shed while Murphy sat on the deck, waiting for her to come out and continue to play. It's hilarious to watch, as they are just like kids. Taunting and teasing, but Lexi didn't fall for it! 

Murphy waiting for Lexi to continue playing

Little Bear and I discovered this fellow on our morning walk. I guess he forgot that he's supposed to sleep in the daytime. If it would have been either of the other two dogs, they would have gone ballistic. Muprhy would have barked her head off. Little Bear got excited, and that raccoon decided NOT to cross the street at that time!

City Wildlife

If you're considering buying an advent calendar this year, well, there are MANY choices!!! The advent calendar thing has got HUGE! It's a great way to buy a present for yourself or a loved one, and you will surely find one that suits their interests. 

Catalog of advent calendars

This a sampling of what I spotted at Indigo! These ones are for kids, but you can buy candy-themed, alcohol, and, of course - remember the Exit Room ones. I already have mine set aside. Someone's son picked it up for me, and I'll get it before the end of November! You can get it at 401Games. If you want to send it to someone, I'm sure you can arrange for them to ship it directly to that person or have it shipped to you. Or even better, go to the store and get it! Watch the level -- this one is a beginner, and I hope I can figure it out. I struggled with the intermediate one last year. 

EXIT GAMES - Advent Calendar

Although it seems early to buy the advent calendars, I'd buy them now as we had difficulty finding them last year. They were sold out everywhere! 

I'm off to spin class this morning, and when I'm back, I MUST spend an hour at the computer. I have a few (now urgent) things that I have to deal with. And then it's back to work for more prep for the weekend classes. 

I only have one week of travel in October, but November will be a busy month!. I may have to switch the date of a club or two. I HATE doing that, but I have no choice! I try only to switch a club, NOT a class. Then, no travel until the spring! That will be very nice!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. You spur me to remember that your time these past months have been about the Camino. Your training, your preparations, actually doing it and then returning home to ponder the lessons of the Camino. That cannot be done while going "full speed". The Camino.......Remember your why :-)