Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mondays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gosh - I LOVE Mondays!!!!   That is the day a great group of ladies get together and do what we love - we sew, we stitch, we embroider - we chat, we eat and we just have FUN!!!!!Yesterday was no exception. It was an awesome day even if it was a tad "busy" in the morning because we had a young visitor.

One of the ladies who comes infrequently has a toddler and he is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I haven't seen him in a couple of months and he has grown up so much!!!!!

Hmmmm - is he trying to learn how to sew or trying to figure out to take it apart??????

Peek - a - boo!!!!

Hi  there

Oh yes - HI THERE. Isn't he adorable!!!!!!

And yes I managed to get that quilt quilted and trimmed and delivered to Monday Motivators.

Customer quilt - DONE!

Detail of quilting

It was so nice to be relaxed yesterday. No deadlines - (well nothing in the immediate future).  Yeah!!!!!!  I am behind in getting my tutorials, mystery quilt pattern, BOM pattern finished and I guess I will try to get all that done today, but as far as sewing goes - there are NO deadlines. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a bit of what the ladies were working on yesterday.................

It was Barb's "special" birthday so we shared a cake with her!!!   Happy Birthday Barb!!!!

Flo bought this at our quilt show (from Sew Fancy if you want some). It is a Lorelei Designs print. There is also a dog panel to go with it. 

She also bought the polka dot print and is going to make pillow cases!!!!

She was also working on watermelon place mats. NOW she is NOT late for this past summer. NO - she is ahead of the game getting them ready for NEXT summer.      I love that rationale!!!!

Judith was making this awesome pincushion. All done by hand and quite cute!!!!
Judy was working on bindings. Got this one done!!!!

And another - HEY - if you want to contribute an ornament so she can decorate her tree, bring it to Monday Motivators. I already have one set aside to give to her!

Her little box of sewing threads. Nice colours!!!!

Karen brought all her Halloween scraps and was sewing up a storm. 

Here are some of her scrappy Halloween blocks. I would love to make this, but I don't think I have any scraps - they all got used up for the borders of those Halloween quilts we made last year. 

Daphne just came back from vacation and brought us each a little gift. I got a gorgeous boomerang magnet which I added to my fridge with all the other travel magnets. Thanks Daphne!!!!

And what did I work on????

Had a small repair to do on the backing of this quilt. I had to join the minky when I made the backing and I think I got a bit over zealous when I was doing some trimming.  QUILT IS COMPLETELY DONE!!!!

Got the label stitched down on this quilt  - COMPLETELY DONE

Another label stitched down - COMPLETELY DONE!

Yes - my goal is to get all the bindings, labels and sleeves (where applicable) - DONE!!!!   So I will do a couple per week until they are done - then I will get back to bindings. I think there are a couple of quilts left.

Then I got out my play box!!!!!!!!    This is a nice case that has been accumulating hand work that I have been ignoring. BUT Lynn (who finished her Snow Days embroidery) dug out another quilt with some embroidery and some applique. HEY - I have the same quilt and it is pratically complete so I agreed to work on it with her. Well I worked on that in the afternoon.

Here is my play box!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn has ALL the pieced blocks done - there are TWELVE big ones and FOURTEEN little ones. I have EIGHT of the big ones done and TEN of the little ones done.

She is now working on Block SEVEN of the applique and I am working on Block EIGHT. ACK - It is going to be tough to keep up to her, but she is going on vacation for a couple of weeks. There is HOPE!!!!!

Lynn's block seven

My Block Eight

When I got home - I was EXCITED to continue with this project. Even stopped at the library to get an audio book since I did not have any. The darn thing has 15 disks so I need LOTS of hand work - no problem - that play box is FULL of stuff that is all prepared and ready to go!!!

Dug out the project - OH - no pizza box for this one - it is in a pretty basket

I got so excited about this block that I even started it TWICE!!!!!   (a number of years ago - I did that)   Got rid of the second block - well took it apart and saved the fabric. Hey - you know me!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got busy making more of those darn circles!!!!!!!!!!!   And I got this much prepared and quite a bit of the new stuff is stitched down as I listened to the audio book. 

Started to make the Half Square Triangles for the NINTH pieced block. I am DETERMINED to finish at the same time as Lynn. 

I have embroidery club tomorrow at my house and I am going to prepare the embroidery part of this quilt TODAY so I can embroider on it tomorrow.

Here is what my quilt looks like so far. 

The quilt is called Gingerbread Joy by Sue Garman.

I am SO EXCITED and so close to being finished (OK - so I am disillusional about that), but wouldn't it be great to have it ready for Christmas?????   Well let's see.

We both started this quilt at Ginny's Quilt Shop. We HAD to get the pieced blocks completed each month or we paid a penalty. WELL - I was up to date on the pieced and applique blocks and then the store closed. I bought the remainder of the kits, but did not continue on. Flo also has this quilt and she is going to dig it out.

In case you think I have abandoned my $10 quilts - NO NO NO. I was sewing bunny ears this morning - only one more set to go. Had to MAKE eight pairs of ears.

Bunny parts - ready to go!!!!!!!

I only have a dentist appointment today and the rest of the day is MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!    I have loads to do and will try to slowly catch up on posting pictures of reveals, getting tutorials done, etc. Please bear with me if you are waiting for something - it was just crazy last week.

This is so SAD I had to share it with you. Last night when I was stitching, I was so excited about resurrecting this project that I didn't want to go to bed. But I know that if I don't get a good sleep - I will be a wreck the next day. BUT when the alarm went off - I JUMPED out of bed so I could get to work!!!!!   It is just pathetic!!!!!    But I am so HAPPY that I am enjoying my life!!!!!!!!!!!!   I've only got one shot at this and I want to enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You remind me of the saying,"This is not a dress rehearsal".

  2. I have the Old World Santas and the Nutcrackers that were also Sue Garmen designs run at Jillybeans/Ginny's as $10 quilts. I have all of the pieced blocks done on both and 6 of the Santas but, sadly, all of the Nutcrackers are still in their packages as received. I guess I have to make lists!