Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amish with a Twist II

Yes - more homework to be revealed!!!   This time it is Amish with a Twist II.

The assignment was to make THREE blocks this month - one each of three different blocks. The first is the bow tie block. Keep in mind that a number of people are using the kit so we don't put up all those, but we put up one for reference.

The bow tie block - the block from the kit is the top right hand corner

Another bow tie block 
 Next up -  the flying geese block.

Flying geese block - kit is the top right block

Next up - rollling stone
Rolling stone block - kit is top left

And then I had some stragglers who arrived AFTER the pictures. However it wasn't their fault as some of the major roads were shut down this past weekend and many had a very scenic trip to the store.

One set of the NON-kit colours

And another set in very funky fabrics 

Another set in gorgeous batiks

How awesome are all those blocks.  Going to be loads of fun to see these all completed.  And guess what I heard (and saw?)

Check out this link  and guess what you are going to find?????   I already shared it with the group. Can't wait to see the entire quilt - my guess - it will be revealed at Spring Market which takes place in Minneapolis on May 15-17

Then we had some non Amish with a Twist Show n Tell.

Raili made this GORGEOUS spider web quilt. This is on my list of quilts to make - love the scrappy look. 
Spider Web quilt
 Emily made this cute little bag. It even has a divider in it which was a bit of a challenge to put in (it is sewn in), but it is gorgeous (and nice workmanship!)
Small fabric basket with sewn insert

Then Marlene presented us with a question. She had participated in several 9-patch exchanges a couple of years ago. They were hot - everyone was doing them - I think I have three or four sets of blocks that are not put together. Hmmmm - better get working!!!!

Anyway - this is what she decided to do with them - she made blocks using the peaky and spike unit (that's the green and white part).

Four of Marlene's blocks
 Now the question was - what to put in between the blocks???  Way easier to put someting small between the blocks so you don't have to worry about matching up seams.

Green  sashing?

White sashing?

I think I heard that she ended up choosing black!  I think it will be spectacular!!!!

Marlene also brought in a set of blocks that she had found on the internet. It is a modern version of a sampler quilt. Each block is different - I believe she had twenty blocks in total - here are four of them.

Four blocks from a modern quilt sampler

Wow - if that isn't enought o get you excited - well - I'm excited and I want to sew. But nope - I have a few other things to do today including teaching a class and quilting another quilt!

I have decided that it is time to clean up my in-box for e-mail. Let's just say that there are thousands and thousands of e-mails. Some read - some not.  I have moved some of them to seperate folders because I want to keep them, I have deleted others and I still have a "few" to sort through. So if you are wondering - I never heard from her - I get so many e-mails in a day that often I miss them. My goal is to try and clear out the inbox before I go to bed. File it, delete it, deal with it - but that in-box should be empty before I go to bed!!!!!  I know that is going to be a challenge - but it will be interesting - I am going to start monitoring what I receive - how many I receive and how to deal with the volume. I know I can make it work!!!

I used to have a boss (one that I disliked because he was so anal). His in-box was EMPTY all the time. I think he had nothing else to do in a day because every time I sat at his desk (which seemed to be often because we didnt' see eye to eye about a lot of things), I could see his in-box and it had maybe one or two messages in it. And I bet as soon as I walked out of his office - he dealt with those e-mails!!!!

Well - let's see how it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. Do you know how to separate your junk mail out of your inbox? You can set up filters. Even though I get lots of emails, only the important ones go to my inbox.