Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sewing bees!!

 Let's face it - the British are a wonderful lot. They are very creative in their TV shows and I was recently introduced to another neat show that I think you will enjoy!

It's called The Great British Sewing Bee. I believe there are three Seasons, but there are only four episodes in the first season. I haven't had a chance to see all the episodes yet, but the bottom line - they are looking for the best home sewist.

It is interesting because in each episode the contestants  (they started with eight) have three challenges in the first week. They have to make a garment from a pattern (I know - that sounds easy, but many of them struggled with the tasks), they have to alter a purchased garment (those are fun) and the third challenge is to make a garment but it has to fit a live model.

I think I would do just fairly well on the first and second challenge, but I would fail miserably on the third!

Here is the link to the episodes for the first season. Have a look - I know the version that I had was a bit annoying with the adverts, but maybe you will be more lucky than I.

The Great British Sewing Bee - Season One - Episode 1
The Great British Sewing Bee - Season One - Episode 2
The Great British Sewing Bee - Season One - Episode 3
The Great British Sewing Bee - Season One - Episode 4

Warning - each episode is ONE HOUR long.  And not only is there the three challenges, but they provide some history of sewing, tailoring and sewing bees. And each episode offers a very quick simple home dec project. Quite interesting. I have thoroughly enjoyed the episodes that I have watched and I am going to watch more - a great time to sew binding or labels!

Thanks to Anita for introducing me to that show.

Back from the gym. A cardio/weight class. Time to make some changes so that means swapping one spin class for something weight related. I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow!

So what did I do while I watched The Great British Sewing Bee last night?  Binding of course!

Binding on my quilt - DONE
 If you want to see the quilt - you will have to come to the Brampton Quilt show on May 2 and 3. It will be hanging and it is unusual!  Nothing earth shattering - just unusual.

|Binding on my sewing machine skirt - DONE

The sewing machine skirt is ready for the upcoming retreat. Yes - another retreat. In hind sight - the timing is bad, but that is OK!!!

I made good progress on the binding of another quilt. That leaves one full quilt, half a quilt, a table runner and a mini quilt left to bind. There are two quilts in the basket that need to be ripped apart  - they are going to have a make over. More details when I get to them.

Wow - that basket could be empty soon!!!   Well - the quilt I just finished binding last night was quilted a year ago! No need for it to be bound!  Now I am going to have to seriously look at my quilts because the number of finished quilts is getting up there and there are a few that I really don't need, although they come in handy for trunk shows or demos!  Drat - may hang onto them for a bit longer.

On that note - I am out of here. It is sewing day and I am actually taking my sewing machine. I haven't done any sewing in a while and I feel the need!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW - are there any Clive Cussler fans out there??  Perhaps your husband?  I am trying to find one of his earlier books - Dragon - part of the Dirk Pitt series. If you have a copy - I'd like to borrow it.

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