Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can't get it out of my system....

Here's my horror traffic story of the day.  It also happened at the corner of Thomas and Winston Churchill - I think I am going to try and avoid that corner in the future. 

So the light is red and I am stopped at the line. I'm in the right lane and there is a turn lane beside me. There is an advanced green light. Anyway - this black Audi comes whipping up beside me and WITHOUT stopping (even thought the light is RED) roars around the corner to the right, does a U-turn immediately after the median and speeds through the intersection in front of me.  Basically instead of waiting to turn left at the light - he turned right, did  U-turn and then went left. Seriously????    It blows my mind that people are so impatient to wait a few minutes.  

And let's not forget the guy that zipped through the gas station at Britannia and Winston Churchill so he wouldn't have to wait in the turn lane (behind me).  He then zipped out the gas station on the other side and cut across two lanes of on-coming traffic - those cars had to brake for him because he didn't want to wait for the bus that was in the right most lane.  

Yep - I think I need that dash cam - just so I can replay these videos to see if I am imagining these instances or they are really real.   As long as they don't whack me or anybody else - but it just boggles my little mind that people are so darn impatient!!!!

Well what have I been working on?  I don't know how many of you know this story about me, but I think it is appropriate to tell it at this point.  When M was two - I took up quilting because I thought she needed a quilt for her big girl bed. I got hooked on quilting and at the time, I was working full time at a great job - but I didn't love it and had a boss that I wasn't fond of. I couldn't stop sewing and quilting - it was in my blood.  I ended up taking a year's leave of absence "to get the quilting thing out of my blood".   That was 17 years ago and well - if anything - the bug is worse. I never did go back to that job after that year. 

Case in point - I now love to take my work home and well - I just can't get it (sewing and quilting) out of my system.  I mean  how many people are excited to come to work everyday.  I know it has only been a couple of months, but I don't think that excitement is going to discipate anytime soon. 

I found this picture on my camera of what I was sewing the other day at work. 

Lots of half square triangles to make pinwheels
Yep - my favourite thing!!!!

Let's not forget that Row by Row is still happening.  I got this surprise in the mail the other day.  Thanks to Marie for that!

One more fabric license plate - 
I didn't have Utah so that was a super surprise.

I always keep the leftover batting from quilts.  These are the bits that are technically too small to be joined together for a quilt.  I was going to cut them up to put in pet mats, but I got a call from one of my guilds the other day and they were looking for scraps to make small projects.   The bag is now in my car!   I usually accummulate a bag like this over one year and that guild always asks and it is theirs!  Glad someone can use it.

Bag of batting scraps
Actually if you saw my car - well it is just full of stuff that I need to deliver and even if I don't need to deliver it immediately - it is in the car so the stuff will be there when I meet the person it is destined to.

I have a work quilt that needs to be done by 10 AM tomorrow. The long arm quilter is coming to pick it up.  Guess what I am doing today.

Here is my sewing station from the other day.

Sewing at work

My cutting station in the warehouse

Get those bobbins wound!

There is applique on this quilt and that slowed me down a bit - the blocks are all made.  So I finished the applique prep last night at home. And I had to make a couple of videos for QUILTSocial and well before I knew it - the studio was a mess again.

Mess on the tables once again

This work space is not so bad

Video camera to film a sequence on the ironing board

And at the sewing machine
The sewing machine videos are crazy as I want that camera right on the foot and that means the camera has first choice in the placement.  I still on a little stool to the side and have you ever tried to applique and talk while sitting to the side of the sewing machine??????

Not much room for me
But that little app on the phone is a god send to film by yourself.  Here is my phone - the picture on the phone is the foot on the sewing machine.  I can see EXACTLY what the camera is seeing right on my phone.  That is so cool and I am getting really good at connecting the camera - takes mere seconds now - the command is NOT in the best menu.  And look at my little stand for my phone - thanks to Tish.  It is a very USEFUL little device.

Smart phone is the remote for the video camera
The first video was perfect on take one. The second one took a few tries but they are done!   Those QUILTSocial posts have to be ready by the end of next week and by jove - I might just actually make a deadline!!!!

I am doing well at work with deadlines - I have a check list and one by one - I am working my way through them.  It is exciting and hopefully I will be able to do the same for stuff at home.

Well I got a couple of blocks appliqued but will finish the rest today at work and hopefully assemble the quilt, otherwise it is going to be a late night tonight as I have a guild meeting.

I also had to finish quilting a quilt last night. And of course - I am running out of thread.

Will there be enough thread????
I won't tell you what happened, but let's just say that the quilt is done!!!!!   This is a community projects quilt. Normally they are NOT this big, but we had a couple of donations. And guess who the lucky person is to get to quilt them.  Yep - that would be me.

Charity quilt
And I got the binding on another community project quilt so both of them can be delivered tonight.

Binding on community quilt

Yes - it was a crazy day and today promises to be equally crazy.

But I still managed to get in an hour of reading before I went to bed at my usual time.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You're an inspiration to me - you are so incredibly focused and productive!

    1. Thanks - I love what I do and it shows!!!! Now go and sew something!