Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank god the weekend is over!!

Now I bet that is a first!   Actually - I did accomplish tons on the weekend and still had lots of time to veg out and read my book, walk to the library with Little Sammy and basically enjoy the beautiful weather. Would have liked to spend a bit more time outside, but well - a deadline is a deadline!!!!  And not like I can waffle on this one because this quilt has to be on a plane in a week!!!!!!

I had several photos that the owner wanted on the quilt.  I printed out the first sheet and thought they were OK, but when I printed the second sheet - I knew there was a problem.  Look at the pictures below.  See the one on the right - it is very orangey - not enough blue.  I knew the blue ink cartridge was low, but thought I could squeeze a couple of pictures out - no go.  I had to reprint them all. 

The left one is much bluer than the right one - the left one is the keeper
In the other set of photos - there was a lot of dark so you think you are good.  Nope - look at the sleeve of the jacket holding the torch.  Yes - the right one is much bluer.  I had no choice but to reprint it.
The one on the left is bad - the one on the right is good

Yep - a big difference if one of the ink cartridges isn't full enough to print properly!

Once the photos were printed, I let them sit for a bit to dry.

Then they got dunked in the sink to wash any of the excess ink off.

Washing the photos in the sink
As you can see - there is no real change in the color of the water meaning there is very little excess ink. That is good.

Then they got hung up on the drying rack outside to dry.  I knew by the time I was ready for the pictures that they would be dry. It was a breezy warm day.

Pictures drying on the rack
And I was back to piecing.  Once all the shirts were interfaced and sort of cut - I put them all on the wall and then - switch a roo - I changed some of them around so the colors would be a bit more balanced.  That is one reason why it is better to cut the shirts BIGGER than they need to be - so you can play with them.

Everything interfaced and ready to sew together
Cut, trim, sew, press - for some reason - I couldn't get my measurements right.  I have no idea why - I had an entire page covered with measurements and still some rows ended up being too long and had to be ripped out to trim something off.  BUT - that is way better than finding the rows were too short.  That would NOT have been a good thing.

And at last - the top is DONE!!!!!!   A nice size - well my lap size - 60" by 72".  

As I was working on this quilt on Sunday morning, I had a bit of a panic attack.  I hadn't thought of the backing.  Oh crap - what am I going to use??????  Stores are closed!!! Then I remembered that I had just bought backing for another quilt - a nice maple leaf and thought - that is perfect!!!!!   Now I have to replace that other backing, but no worries.  There is a reason that one makes all their quilts the same size!!!!

The top and the backing are DONE!!!!!!

Got the quilt loaded on the long arm, choose the thread and a pattern and I was working up a storm. I tossed my fleece jacket off as I was a tad warm and look who confiscated it!!!!!

Little Sammy resting on my jacket

The best part of quilting a quilt is....................

Seeing the end of the quilt come off the roller

The top was quilted and off the long arm by dinner time!!!!!!!   Yeah - I was very happy about that.  It is now trimmed and needs the binding put on so I can do the hand stitching this week for a Saturday delivery.  Oh yes - I'm going to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE

I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  I think the customer will be very happy as well.

On that note - I am off to put on bindings today, edit pictures, and figure out Row by Row.  Oh yes - a fun day!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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