Friday, October 30, 2015

Quilt Festival - Day Three

AHA - I figured out what happened yesterday - it was the pictures that prevented the post from being published.  I removed the pictures (there were only two) and the post published within seconds.  I have my camera set to HIGH and the pictures turn out big.  I really must figure out a way to load pictures while I am away.  I could take the pictures from my phone and post them to the blog, but then I can't type lots from the phone.  Oh well - I took loads of pictures and you will get to see them later. Hopefully you have seen some of them on Facebook.

Yesterday was research day. Rich and I walked up and down the aisles of Quilt Festival.  We chatted to numerous people, took pictures of booths and fabrics and quilts that we thought were of interest to us. There were lots of stuff I took pictures of. Sometimes I asked permission - sometimes I didn't.

At the same time, I was keeping my eyes open for things I wanted to go back and look at. We did stop for lunch which is something I don't normally do, but we had walked the entire floor by then and it was time for a break and to chat. I haven't been taking notes about our discussions, but let's just say that I'm going to have a lot of work to do when I get back to the office.

Then I got a chance to walk the floor by myself for a more in-depth look while Rich went off to do some business.  I managed to snag more business cards of booths to check out later.  Then we had an appointment with a potential client - which turned out to be VERY interesting.

Here are a couple of things that I have learned or what to try when I get home. First - I watched a demo on teeny tiny applique.  How to turn those edges and sharp indents.  Hmmmm - I have those tools and I have seen the technique before, but I had forgotten.  Time to dig out those tools and make it happen. The woman who did the demo was selling P3 designs in her booth and we all know that those are teeny tiny pieces.  So yes - I must get my butt in gear and try the technique before it slips from my brain yet again.

The second thing I learned has to do with lazer cut applique.  Yes - the opposite spectrum from the first thing I learned.  Here is the deal - you know me - you know I want to do it all. So I was looking at the price of some of the lazer kits and my first thought is that they are expensive. And yes they are - but when you consider the fabric and fusible and then factor in your time and now you are guaranteed to have beautiful cuts EVERY TIME - and no leftovers to deal with - well yes - they are not so expensive at all.

Some companies have taken popular patterns (including one that I am currently teaching) and prepared all the applique.  Could I cheat and buy the kit - would my class ever know?????   I have only cut out a couple of blocks. Nope - I am not going to buy that one, but I am going to buy a smaller one to try.

Oh yes - the third thing I learned has to do with foam like stabilizers for bags.  EVERYONE is using it - it is time to give it a try. And I visited By Annie's and well - I want one of everything in that booth.  The patterns are awesome.  But in defense of DecorBond  -I learned something as well.  I have a big Elna press at home and I never thought to use it for DecorBond and fusible fleece.  Guess what gets pulled out when I get home.   Let's just say that I learned a TON of things here and want to try them out at home.

After our meeting, I had one hour left to scour the floor. I managed to make all the aisles except the last one.  As I got closer and closer to the end, the rows were filled with more pre made stuff although Missouri Star was in that area.

There was a doll booth. Beautiful gorgeous artsy dolls  - you couldn't take pictures, but the sign said "our dolls think they are models and wish to be paid for any photographs".  Or something like that - it was cute.

Back to the hotel where Rich and I sat for hours chatting about how we will change the fabric business.  Not really, but it was good to chat about what I would like to do and how to do it and also how to prepare for shows in the future - if we have a booth at these shows. Very very good conversations.

Today is the last day that I am here. My plane is around 5 PM so we are leaving here around 2:30PM.  That gives me another 4 hours to see the rest of the quilts that I didn't see and to do my shopping. This is where the crunch comes in - I must sort through those business cards I have collected and try to figure out my budget both money and space.

I have narrowed it down to ten stores that I would like to visit.  While there are tons of patterns that I would love - how many cute Halloween house patterns does one need?  So I am going to try and go for those that live off shore - like Australia and stuff that is unique that would be fun to learn. I'll put them in order by aisle and run up and down so I can get over to see the quilts.  And I found a great applique (easy applique) pattern that I think will be perfect for the $10 at Hobby Horse.  Check out "With Needle and Thread" - the sewing tool pattern.  She uses crayons and markers to give texture to the images and I think it would be fun to use it as "learn to embellish your applique".  It was very cute.  And if no one likes it - no applique class and I'll just make that quilt at home. It will be a perfect class for all levels. Pattern is $15 US so very reasonable and the project is DOABLE!!!!

And will we be able to sneak in with our Market badges today or will they force us to buy a day pass?????   

I have managed to scoop a number of license plates - and there is one more that I want to get today. Most have been from Texas, but this last one is from some other state which I can't remember.  But they are 5.99 and with tax and exchange - they are not cheap!

I've had a blast all week.  It's been exhausting but I've survived!   I will be glad to get home and sleep in my own bed and I miss Little Sammy!!!!  And my family too!

On that note - I have to check out this morning so I had better figure out how to make room in the suitcase so I can have room to put the other stuff in that I want to buy.

Have a great day and here's to hoping there are no issues at the airport - I have a class to teach tomorrow so I need to be home.


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