Monday, October 5, 2015

Flash back to Dear Jane.........................

What a weekend!   Lots of stuff happening - almost glad it is Monday to relax a bit!  But I got to see some people I haven't seen in a while, got MORE goodies to show you another day but first I have a VERY IMPORTANT show n tell for you.

Do you remember a while back that we worked on the Dear Jane quilt. The actual class ran for 2 1/2 years.  It was a lot of hard work and sweat by the participants. The blocks were tiny, the designs were intricate and required numerous methods of construction.  Those triangle borders - well I won't write my true feeling about them.  However I am THRILLED to show you what I got in my inbox the other day.

This is Jo's Dear Jane.   It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo's Dear Jane quilt
Jo's Dear Jane quilt
I wish I could see her to congratulate her in person and give her a big hug. Hopefully she gave herself a major pat on the back for getting this done.  Jo - I hope your family appreciates this quilt - if not - at least you are enjoying it on your bed. Very proud of you for getting it done - that is a HUGE HUGE accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!   (and thanks for sharing with me!)

Now here is another very unusual quilt but definitely very blog worthy.   You see people send me links and pictures and I am very happy to use those on the blog.  It rarely happens that I run out of things to say, but nice to have stuff to show that didn't come from me.

Marie sent me this picture.  Here is the story............

The story goes they (Marie's friends) were sort of lost in Buena Vista, Newfoundland when they spotted this 'quilt' and stopped to take a picture.  Look closely and you will see that the landscape is very rocky and this lady thought the best way to hide her rocky yard would be to highlight it.  They met the lady who painted the 'quilt' since she was outside laying her wood out so it would dry.  By the way, this lady was in a wheelchair when she painted her quilt on the rocks.

A rocky quilt
Now isn't that just the neatest thing and can you imagine painting all those straight lines.  It looks awesome!!!!!    Thanks Marie for sharing that story!!!!

And now here is the show n tell from our Quilting Inspirations class.  Actually some call it the table runner clas, others call it free motion which can be confusing sometimes!!!  

Anyway - last month the class was to make this table runner. This month - we chatted about free motion and they got some ideas on how to quilt this particular table runner and some great tips on free motion quilting. I told you about the class - but anyway - I think the class if full.  Well - there is one spot left.  Call Ruti's to get connected - it's not too late.






 OK - I KNOW that I screwed up those names.  I usually go by who sits where and well my brain just isn't functioning this morning.  Anyway - the bottom line is that they did a great job on piecing the table runners. Technically those lines are supposed to be slanted (more like the last one which in fact does belong to Liz), but many had difficulty doing that.  Not from a construction issue, but from "I need it to be straight" issue.  Funny how we get so set in our ways!

Now let's see how they manage with the free motion quilting. It really is a great class and loads to learn.

I have been working on my free download pattern that was supposed to be available eons ago.  Thankfully I waited.  I knew there was something wrong with it. Well I did run into a problem when I was piecing it yesterday and by last night - I couldn't see the forest for the trees.  But as I was sleeping, my brain figured out how to fix the problem and so today - I will be attempting to get that pattern done so it can be up loaded to the internet. I would rather the pattern be late than wrong.  Nothing like having loads of people call you to say - "did you know that the pattern instructions are wrong?"  

On that note -I am out of here - off to the gym.

Have a great day!!!!!


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