Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crash course!

Yesterday was a long day.  I spent most of it in front of a computer, both at work and at home (still working - but not the day work job - this was for the night work job!)

Anyway - I was quite pleased with my progress on the Row by Row yesterday.  It is funny to display something at work. Do they like it?  Do they hate it?  Do they just don't care as long as it looks acceptable?  Yes -  a very different audience to say the least.  None of them are quilters!!!!  

So I ended up making SEVEN rows for the Row by Row Shade card.  Yes - seven of them.  All quite different and I think everyone of them had some little element in EQ7 that I had to learn. But the real challenge came with the last one. I wanted to do an applique row.  OK - I've never done this before - EVER.

I got a bit of help from one of the graphics guys who did a rough sketch of what I wanted to do.  Then I had to scan that file, rotate it and resize it to meet my needs.  That got done no problem.  I took in my Wacom tablet that is much easier to manipulate than the mouse for drawing.

Wacom tablet
This isn't my tablet, but it looks very similiar.

Loaded the file for tracing and then proceeded to trace (more or less) the design. OH MY GOD - this was certainly an exercise in patience.  It took several (OK MANY) tries before I started to get the hang of how it worked. I drew one piece at a time, flipped over to the coloring screen to see that the shape formed properly. Back to the drawing screen to draw one more shape.  Yep - by the end, I was getting pretty handy. But could I do it again????  

The tablet takes a bit of getting used to as well.  What fun - never mind that the graphics guys are working on the shade cards and are going to need the files soon!!!

So I sent all six files (I eliminated one which was very hokey) and all six got loaded onto the shade card. All colored with our color palette for Row by Row. And it's got my name on it.  Now that is pretty exciting, except I was too tired to be excited.  Now when has that ever happened????  No worries - I didn't sleep well the night before!

I can't wait to share that card with you.  I am very happy with the results and well - I think I did pretty good under pressure. When Hania asked me for the files, I told her that they had already been sent to the graphics guy!!!!   You got to love that!

And then I spent the entire afternoon writing a pattern for a quilt I designed a while back. It is due November 1, and since I won't be around and didn't want to work on it while I am away - I need to try and get it completed tomorrow!

Guess what was in my mail box tonight????

One more license plate and two extra for trading

Technically I have been to this store. On my bike a couple of years ago.  So while Row by Row wasn't happening at that time - I can at least say I was there!!!!

And OMG - I got an e-mail from someone saying that they have received a plate and it happened to be from one of my missing Ontario  stores. Did I want it?????   Oh yes!!!!!!!   So I need to get one more for trade for that.

I have a feeling this is never going to end.  Now wouldn't it be great if the stores could post somewhere who still has plates so I don't have to go calling all the stores. Hmmm - is that a possibility??????

And look - more pet mats. These are from Paula.  While I love to get scraps - I love getting the pet mats even better.  I gave Carol a bunch of pillow cases the other day.  She makes me pet mats!

More pet mats

Don't forget to check out QUILTSocial today. Another great day of machine applique techniques.

Have a great day!!!!!


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