Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I hate travellling!

Ok - that is not true.  I don't mind to travel. As you know, I'm leaving later this week and it never fails - I have so much to get done before I leave.  I invent deadlines - I leave things until I am leaving and then think I can get it all done before I leave. Oh yes - I am my own worst enemy when it comes to time management.

No worries - I did manage to get a LOT of paperwork done last night and this morning so that is good.  I can go away with a somewhat clear conscience.

Did you check out QUILTSocial yesterday?  Well there is more good stuff up today - check it out.  If you have ever wanted to know more about machine applique - well this is it!!!!

This past weekend, I taught the second part of the Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble.

Patern Cover for Professional Tote

I bought that pattern years ago and this was the second time I taught the class. There is a ton of prep work in this bag and a LOT of detail which translates into a LOT of work.  But the students were making pretty good progress. Have a look.................


Carol (that's Northcott fabric by the way!)


I didn't get pictures of the others bags but we were 9 in the class.

I got these pictures from Sheila last night.  She is DONE!!!!

Back of the bag (can you see the decorative stitches she used on the handles????)

Top down view
The front

I think she did a FABULOUS job on it - well all of them did.  Can't wait to see all the others completed.

Carol was extremely busy making another type of bag.  This one is called the Neccesary Clutch.

Did you notice that she made it in fabric to match her Professional tote!!!!

The Necessary Clutch

Inside the Necessary Cluth

What a great wallet.  I need a new wallet. Carol  has this pattern down pat as she made 25 of them for a church bazaar,  I know - I was tempted to just give her some fabric and have her make me one!   She had quite the production line going!!!!   she didn't offer - but I would pay her!   Actually, I have the pattern myself and I could get my butt in gear and make one.

And how is this for a rotary cutter case.   That PENCIL CASE (bought at Staples) looks like it was made for the rotary cutter.  I love it!!!!!    Katheleen found that one.

Pencil case/rotary cutter case

And the Row by Row.  What can I say - this is something that is never going to go away!!!!   Yesterday I got more plates. One from Hawaii (thanks to Tamara - Maria's daughter) and Joyce (through her daughter) got me three from Fredericton, NB.

More license plates
 (Susan - I can now send you your plates!)

I am almost done.  Didn't I say that a while ago????    Well I still need a few more for trading.  I have several more coming in the mail.  Yes - I finally broke down and just called a couple of stores. Once those come, I will figure out my situation and I think I will need three more after that.  I had better hurry as many stores are sold out!

Speaking of row by row - guess what I did all day yesterday. We tweaked our fabric choices and then I designed rows all day.  I did 6 different ones. I know - who knew and I have one more today. The problem is translating what I see in my head to EQ7.  Let's just say that I am learning FAST some of the techniques for EQ7.  Today is going to be a challenge as I am trying to do applique.  Oh boy!!!!!!   Fun and games.  Then those designs (all colored) with our fabric selections will be whisked onto a shade card and ready for display on Friday!   The fun never stops!!!!!

Plus my day started with a great visit with the Monday girls and when I got to work, a designer was waiting to chat with me.  Yep - it was a good day!!

On that note - I see it is raining. Going to be slow to get to work. ICK!!!!!

Have a great day!!!


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