Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Significant progress is being made on those 6 quilts.  I picked one up from the piecer on the way to work. Made the backing and the binding at work and dropped it off at the long arm quilter on the way home!

I made one of the table runners the other night - made the backing and binding at work and it also got dropped off at the long arm quilter on my way home.

One more table runner being delivered to my house today.  The backing and batting are waiting to be quilted up!

One more quilt for me to finish today and then prep the backing and bindings and we are in good shape!!!!

Talk about speed.  This fabric hasn't even been in the country a week and most of the quilts will be done in a week or very close.  That is amazing!!!!!

Again - I think the team for stepping up to the plate on this!!!!

Loaded some flannel and one of our new ColorConcepts fabrics on my long arm last night.  Got to get that quilted up real quick as it needs to be sewn into a garment FAST. Check out these fabrics - they are wild.  Wait until you see what I am doing with them.  Well not me specifically, but with some help - something amazing is happening behind the scenes.

Yes - I have taken a bit of a hiatus on cutting Misty Pines, but well - I have a few other things that are more important.  I will get back to it tonight. I seriously need to get that off my plate!!!

And when I was taking photos the other night, the camera wouldn't work.  Crap - what's wrong???  Oh yes - I see a message - CARD FULL.  That is not good news - I knew that was coming!   Well - I have two choices - empty the card or buy a new one.  Oh boy - I am in a rush - a new one sounds tempting!!!!!

I filled my car up with gas last night - what is with the gas prices these days?  On the same day within the city - I see variances that range from 95.6 to 102.6.  That is very weird - we normally don't see that much variance within the city.  Oh well - I filled up at 95.6 so I was happy about that.

Let's not forget the Creative Festival which is NEXT WEEK.  For obvious reasons - I won't be working at the show this year.  But I hope to get there on Friday to check it out.  Not sure how I am going to arrange that - transportation wise.  My house, the convention center and work and in three different areas.  Remember the dates are different this year - the show runs from Oct 15 (Thursday) to Oct 17 (Saturday).  While the show is in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - it is now in the NORTH BUILDING, not the South Building.  You can buy tickets on line. There are some great classes - oh - I think I am going to take an entire day and take a class and then enjoy the show.

On that noe - I have backings to prep, a quilt top to sew together and some modern quilt research to do.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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