Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prepping for Market

The update - I finished another quilt top yesterday.  And it will get quilted this weekend. I made the backing and prepped the batting as well as the batting for the large quilt that is currently being pieced.   Yikes - I have made loads of quilts in my day, but it is tiring to be cutting and measuring and piecing all day (at the office!).  But I am getting my steps in because the three stations - cutting, pressing and sewing are in different spots. I actually like that.

Barring some major snafu - those six quilts should mostly be completed by Tuesday morning. Good work team!!!!

I was teaching a class on the weekend and I got THREE already made pet pillows.  Look at the cover - those are nice enough to put in the house!  But the stuffing is a bit lumpy!  Nope - some kitty cats are going to be real happy about those ones.   Thanks to Carol for them!!!!

Ready made pet mats

Row by row update.  YES - tomorrow the announcement is coming about the new theme.  Apparently it will be ONLY be made via e-mail on that web site distribution list . Hmmmm - I had better put my work e-mail on there, not just home e-mail. OH - I already had my work e-mail in there!   Too darn many e-mail addresses and phone numbers!

I got some new license plates on the weekend.   Thanks to Katheleen for these.  Oh yes - the collection grows - much slower now, but still it is growing.

More plates
 The date of departure for Market seems to be fast approaching and there is still tons of work to be done.  I got the lining for one of my garmets quilted last night.  That crazy dot fabric is now firmly attached to the red flannel that is the interlining.  It didn't take long - I loaded it on the long arm.  A bit weird to not have batting and the backing (flannel) was smaller than the top by about one inch on either side.  No worries - it all worked out. Would never do a quilt that way (with smaller or same size backing) but for this purpose - it worked just fine.

Lining for the garment - quilted!!!!
 And I must must must get those Misty Pines kits finished.  So I bit the bullet and started cutting.  This fabric is the worst in the number of pieces that need to be cut for each kit.  I am over half done this one so that is good.  I can aim to have it all done by the end of the weekend????   I have so much to do this weekend, my head is spinning.

Misty Pines kits

As I prep for my trip to Quilt Market, I found this quilt.  I made this after I was at Quilt Festival in 1999.  This piece brings back LOADS of memories.  Despite the fact that I came home exhausted, I had a blast. I am looking forward to this year as well, but obviously it will have a much different flavour. Instead of going crazy and buying things - I am actually doing research and checking stuff out.  Must remember to pack a clip board.  Got my new business cards yesterday and I am set!!!!!  Meetings with magazine editors are being set up, fabric samples are being shipped, requests for items are being made.  Oh yes - it is going to be fun!!!!!

Memories of Quilt Festival 1999

Perhaps I will have to do another one of these quilts after this trip!  As I said - the flavour will be quite different.

And it's set - I'm going to CreativFestival on Friday.  Anyone else going?????   I'm going to take the GO train down and spend the entire day.  I was going to take a course, but decided that I have too much to look at - too many people to chat with that I won't have time.  But I may reconsider that.

On that note - I am out of here!!!

Have a great day!!!


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