Thursday, March 2, 2017

A ruler thief!

I had to attend a meeting last night.  Somehow, I managed to get on the committee for the Leash Free Parks in my city.  I get off one thing and onto another.  HELP ME!   Anyway, I arrived at the meeting about 10 minutes late because I was on the phone. 

A complaint has been lodged because of the icy conditions in one of the parks.  I don't know all the details - but seriously  - what is the matter with people.  If the park is filled with ice which it is because of our temperatures and the nature of the area - how important is it to get your dog in the park?  When it's icy, I don't go to the park.  Some people have NO COMMON SENSE.  And please don't suggest that we put ice in the park - doggies don't like ice in their paws. 

Same thing on the way home. I had just turned onto a major street.  I see flashing lights behind me. I stopped as I was already in the right-hand lane.  A whole whack of cars start passing me and the fire engine LAID on the horn and suddenly there was a mad scramble as people tried to get into my lane to stop.  Did they not see the flashing lights?  Do they not know they are to stop and pull to the right - well pull to the right and then STOP????  The world has gone mad, to say the least. 

But enough about silliness, let's get to the quilting stuff.  

This morning, I managed to get the last piece for the backing of my One Block Wonder (my January UFO) cut. It's now ready to sew together. Three seams and I'll be finished the back and ready to put on the long arm!

The second half of the quilt backing - ready to go!
I also managed to cut the remainder of the 120 center squares that I need for the February UFO!

Center squares for the February UFO

My favorite ruler size is the 6 1/2" square.  I needed one at work yesterday and there wasn't a single one to be had.  Oh know - don't tell me that I took them home by accident. I checked and well - look what I found.

Yep - that would be SEVEN 6 1/2" rulers 
OK - technically 6 as one of them is a 6" ruler.

It was easy to identify a couple that belonged to me as they are quite worn.

The lines are worn on this one

I think two of them belong to work.  The rest are mine. Well not exactly as the last time we were at the retreat, I managed to swap one of them with someone else and I need to swap them back.

Hmmm - I'm thinking a small label is in order on my rulers.  DRAT!!!!  I hate labels, but I'm thinking I may have no choice.

Now I have five of these rulers, one of which needs to be swapped.  You can never have too many 6 1/2" rulers!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.  I need to take an afternoon and do some planning as I'm feeling like a piece of paper blowing in the wind!   Twirling and swirling and going nowhere fast!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I have a Brother labelling machine that you can make clear labels with. They are not in your face and you don't notice them unless you look for them. Or just a small coloured dot.

  2. I write on my rulers with permanent marker. . .works fine & it does not cover up the lines.

  3. You are so right. People just don't use their common sense most of the time. You gotta wonder! I got a kick out of your ruler dilemma. too funny.

  4. I'm sure there are 12 step groups for ruler addicts. So happy you have recognized your problem!📏📐#thereareruleremojis