Monday, March 6, 2017

Motivational Monday - the March UFO

How quickly time marches on!  I had a tuffet class yesterday and today was spent getting blog posts ready for QUILTsocial. There wasn't a minute of time to work on my own projects. But next weekend looks very promising!

I have this calendar with a daily inspiration quote and there are some great ones so I'm saving them to put in my Task Master for inspiration. I'm not stock piling them or hoarding them. I'm using them.

Inspirational quote

It doesn't matter that you didn't get all the things done on your Task master. It doesn't matter that you got anything done. What matters is that you are happy with what you got done or didn't do.

You know it's perfectly OK to say, this week - I'm not sewing. I'm in the garden, I'm on vacation or whatever. Make sure you don't plan any tasks for that week. Perhaps you are behind, then don't schedule any new tasks - just work on the older ones.

That's my issue - I'm a tad behind, although I'm making pretty good progress considering quite a few things have been added to the list strictly because of work. I really must learn how to schedule work sewing for WORK, not home.

Based on the list of patterns that I have to write and the number of deadlines coming up, well I envision my two five-day sewing retreats filled with deadline sewing.  It's all good so I'm not complaining, it just makes it hard to get my own things done. I'm just happy to sew. What will happen the day that I retire from work, from teaching and I have NO sewing deadlines? I'll get NOTHING done. But by then, The Task Master will be firmly embedded in my life and she'll help me get even more things completed.

Very close to finishing that January UFO.  I need ONE HOUR, but this wasn't the weekend. Next weekend should do the trick.

And this is my March UFO - how can I even think of March when January is still sitting there?   Can't let things slide too much and I'll have time to catch up at the retreat.

Anyway, March is not one, but FOUR quilt tops to finish.  I know - just shoot me now!  The tops are done, except that each needs TWO borders added and the binding made. All in all, that's about one full days work. Could have it done on the weekend????  One top a night after work?

March UFO
Notice what the UFO is sitting in???  A laundry basket. I need one for the retreat!  So this could be a double whammy.  But I can't take just this laundry basket - like I said - I'd be finished in one day.  I think I work on bigger projects, more almost unfinished projects so that laundry basket challenge is looking pretty slim at this point. I may need a couple of them!

The other thing to keep in mind as we're moving forward in the year, if there are projects that you put on The Task master and yet, you keep ignoring them, ask yourself WHY??  If you really can't break down and finish the project, perhaps it's time to regift that or toss it.  I see that some people have done that.  This is about making choices to free up our space and our time. So don't feel guilty!!!

On that note, I've been on the computer all day, between editing photos and uploading them to the internet. I need to get away from this screen!

Have a super day!!


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