Thursday, March 30, 2017

The retreat - Day One

I had the best of intentions when I arrived yesterday that I would write a blog post. Then I got involved in unpacking the car, setting up the sewing machine and well - I didn't forget, I just couldn't tear myself away from sewing and chatting to make that happen. 

I was up early yesterday so I could trim the last quilt. YES - I managed to get it quilted the night before. The other was trimmed and two more customer quilts were out the door. I'm super excited about that. I can never seem to get to zero on those quilts, but there isn't a whole lot in the queue!

Customer quilt - DONE!
As I was madly cutting one more project (that has a deadline), I'm laughing as I walk around the studio. Now I'm sure some of you would say that this is dangerous, BUT, I heard somewhere that the more you have to step over things, lift your knees up high that it is a good thing for your body.

In other words, no shuffling allowed.  So here is a corner of the studio and yes that is a border strip that is dangling off the edge of the table so every time I needed to get to the other side, I had to step over it!

An obstacle course in the studio!

I will have to find that article because I thought it was very interesting.

Speaking of exercise, I decided that I needed to take a walk late in the afternoon. My goal was to walk 30 minutes away from the house and then walk back.  I measured the distance this morning - turns out that is 3.2 KM ONE WAY.  So 6.4 KM in 1 hour 3 minutes!  Yikes - no wonder I was hungry when I got back.

There is snow on the ground here. Not everywhere, but in the protected areas, along side the roads but that is OK as we are inside. We have a nice wood stove and Paula is the firestarter although I'm learning to operate the stove because when I'm back in a couple of weeks (I know!!!!), Paula won't be here and we may need the stove.

I got tons done yesterday.  Wouldn't you know it - that Katheleen actually counted the number of bags I brought.  Three project bags, one handwork bag (including a quilt that I'm sewing the sleeve on, but it's on my bed at night), one bag with tool/supplies that I probably didn't need to bring - it won't be back next time. One small overnight bag, laptop bag and one bag of work stuff. One bag with a quilt that I was delivering and one bag with some goodies. So yes - ONLY three project bags, but still a lot of stuff.

I worked on two projects yesterday and got three blocks completed for Quilter's Patch. I didn't have one fabric square with me but I did what I could. So that will take no time to finish the block.  Then I got the next project out and I was able to get 7 of 8 blocks completed.  It appears that I'm missing one pair of witches legs - it's a Buggy Barn pattern.  I think I was making the legs on a previous retreat and ran out of the black fabric for the legs.  That is going in "get this done" box when I get home - at least to find the black fabric. but then it can go back in the project bags for the next retreat.

I did a lot of cutting and prepping for the February project and it's ready for enders and leaders today and I'm making good headway on one of the magazine quilts.  I have three of them to do and hopefully, I can get all three of them done today. Well, the quilts won't be completed, but the first and most labor intensive part is my goal today.

I'm making lunch today and I normally make squash soup. Well, I decided to do something different and make lentil soup which I was going to make this morning. NOPE - can't break tradition - they want squash soup. So I'm in the process of baking the squash right now and I'm off to cut up the veggies!!!!

On that note, I better get moving or I'll get NOTHING done today.  It's supposed to rain later on, so maybe no walk!!!

Haven't been to the quilt store yet - but maybe later today!

Have a super day!!!!


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