Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Books to read...............

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love to read. I figure the day that my hands will no longer let me hold needle and thread, I'll spend my days reading and when my eyes can't see any longer, then it will be audio books for me.

I used to read tons as a kid - too sickly to work outside. OK - so I hated the bugs!  I would stand in the garden and swat bugs rather than hoe the potatoes or whatever task I'd been given. I love mysteries and I'm caught in another one of Steve Berry's adventures  (Cotton Malone character).  If you liked Dan Brown's book - the DaVinci Code, you'll like Steve Berry's books. They are along the same line with codes and links to treasures of ancient times.

However, on a lighter note, there are novels that have quilts in them. Some of the earlier ones written by Earlene Fowler (read them all), and Jennifer Chiaverini (read about half) were written years ago. Hmmm - after looking at her latest books on her web page, I've decided to check out one of them that is NOT part of the Elm Creek quilt series. Need to investigate this a bit more.

And a while back, I had to get a new library card so that means memorizing a new number or just having Google save it and I just put in the password. I'm OK with that. But when I go to pick up the holds at the library, my books are now in a different spot because the numbers are not the same. Oh no - I'm an old dog trying to learn a new trick!

As I was flipping through magazines yesterday (yes on company time no less - hey, it's part of the job! - you gotta love that!), I came across a new series of books written by Elizabeth Penney.  It's called Castle of Whispers. No, my library doesn't have it.

So now, I'm in a bind. I have three new series that I've recently unearthed. Thank goodness for FictFact.com to keep track of the series! for The library has ONE of the series, but not the other two. I could put in requests for them to buy the books. I could buy the books myself and share (but I'm too cheap), I could con people into buying them and lending them to me - (oh that would be bad), or we could start a book club thing where each person would buy a book and they could circulate?

Well, let's just say there will never be any danger of running out of books to read.

I had some blog posts to prep last night when I really really wanted to have my nose in that Steve Berry book. However, I was very good. I did the work needed and then dove into the book, only to find that after about 1/2 hour that I fell asleep on the couch!  Well, that's OK - what's the point of reading the entire book in one night anyway.

On that note, it's another action packed day and got to get started.

Have a super day!


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