Sunday, March 5, 2017

Making tuffets

If you've ever made a tuffet you know that there is a LOT of prework. Assembling the supplies which isn't so bad, but can still be tricky. But the amount of tools - well a lot of tools is required for this somewhat simple project. No, not a lot of tools - having the right tools is what's important.

Before we get into the tuffets, I thought I would share two links with you. One is the link to my new PROFILE picture. Hate having my picture taken, but I'm happy with this one.

The second link is to the Brampton Guardian where you will find a couple of unusual quilters. The first one is Paul (yes that is PAUL, not Paula). Paul is the president of our guild. He's a very resourceful person and he is also a contractor.  Just the sort of person you need when making tuffets.

I was to bring some tools and supplies and Paul was going to bring more tools. The day started off a bit weird as we both thought the class started at 9:30, but in fact the time had been changed to 9!  A bit of a scramble to get started, but then we were good to go.

I took tons of pictures and so I'll keep the writing short and you can browse how the day when. Let's just say that there was a TON of laughter, a LOT of sharing, much comeraderie. This workshop was a great example of how quilters pull together to help each other.  It was a super fun day and wait until you see the results.

Sit back and enjoy!

The car was jammed with supplies

Literally no room except for me to drive
 There are several patterns to make tuffets and I started off by explaining the process and the various methods. Then the group went into a frenzy!

Marking the foam pieces

More marking

Cutting a bevel on the top with the electric knife

Prepping the wooden bases
Stapling the batting around the foam
More stapling
 We had electric staplers, a pneumatic stapler and hand staplers. Of course the two teeniest women were using the hand staplers!!!

That's my little blue air compressor
The air compressor worked fine, but what a NOISE. And according to Paul, the tank is way too small. But for me - it works just fine.  Now I'll be able to borrow his stapler and finish some more tuffets!

Stapling some part of the base
I do believe this was because of the kind of legs that they had used which were embedded into the base, not screwed on afterwards.

Pulling on the tops 
More pulling
 Do I dare say what Zilda called this process?  It wasn't clean and poor Paul was blushing.

At last a look at what the tuffets will look like.

One covered tuffet
 Next up was the hardest part - putting a tuft in that darn tuffet. This required a long needle (or several long needles), cording and several people.

Discussing the tufting process

Making the tuft
 I love this picture. The smallest lady is pushing against the table while the other two push towards her.  I think I spent more time running around with the camera than actually helping people!!!

Brace that table!!!!

Do you need help???
More tufting
The beauty of this class was that everyone pitched in to help each other which made the process go very quickly, although we had a LOT of tuffets to do.

The button went on next and now we have legless tufted tuffets!!!!
Tuffet with a modern flair


Super excited!!!!

 Time for the legs.  We were making progress in leaps and bounds. I did not think it would go so quickly. Not everyone had brought legs and brackets but for those that did - let's move on to legs and brackets.

Auditioning legs

More auditioning
 Then the process of attaching legs............

Attaching legs
I'm stapling the fabric base to cover the bottom

God I was so focused, I didn't even know they were taking pictures of me!!!!   That Heather!!!!

A serious consultation
And then they called my name - oh those tricksters!!!!

Having fun with the staple gun
We had a photo shoot............

Tuffet photo shoot
Paul's wasn't done yet, neither was mine and Tish had already gone home.

Here are some of the finished tuffets.

Very soft and pretty
Bright and bold with finials for legs

These legs were a perfect match for that fabric
A holiday one with very cute little legs
Zildi (the over achiever) made two tuffets
Another soft and pretty tuffet
Beaufiul legs that suit the fabric beautifully
Same style of legs - different fabric

Modern look with chrome legs

Shoot - I didn't get a picture of everyone's tuffet.  I know Marlene went home with hers almost done. She needed to get different brackets, but all the holes were drilled.

Paul had brought one to work on and so while he was madly sewing up the last seam,

Paul sewing up the last seam

Heather and Eva were stapling and cutting the batting for him

Zildi graciously stapled my batting for me - thanks so much Zildi!!!!
 I believe Heather was the last one to get her legs on. Or at least the brackets as I don't think she had legs. Towards the end of the day, those of us left were getting silly. Heather got Paul to sign the base of her tuffet.

Signing the tuffet

Heather with her signed tuffet and Paul

 Did we have any accidents???  Those upholstery needles are darn sharp.


A more serious injury caused by a hammer I believe

 And there you have it - a super fun day.   I believe in total that 18 tuffets were completely assembled or a good portion thereof. Mine was the least worked on. No worries - I'll get it done. I have three more to do as well. But I ended up selling some of my supplies so I couldn't do more than I did.

I believe we're going to do another day.  I have a list of supplies, our workshop coordinator was going to book the date and well - if you want to get a tuffet made, this is the PERFECT opportunity to do it. And to go home with the thing completed!!!!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone yesterday who pitched in to help.  The sharing of hands worked beautifully and I was absolutely amazed at the results!!!

Today is going to be a crazy day - I've blog posts to work on today. So sewing, photographer and editing will be the order of the day!

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. Oh my gosh, you make that look so fun! And those finished tuffets are AWESOME!