Saturday, March 18, 2017

Calendar of Events

From time to time (and to help me get organized), and especially since quilt show season will be upon us very very soon, I'm going to post a list of upcoming events.  I'll try to keep a brief list of the events at the end of the blog on a daily basis so you can be reminded of stuff.  If you have a guild show or other exciting event that you'd like to have added, e-mail me the details.

Now I do have a list of brochures in my paper piles somewhere so not everything will get posted today.  And speaking of piles, I have several little piles around my office and my goal is to take ONE a day and deal with it. Not reshuffle the papers, but toss them, file them or well, I guess those are the two choices. Toss or file. Come back tomorrow to see how I do on that one.

Check out the links below and get these dates on your calendars!

March 20 - 25  My blogs on Quiltsocial will be posted.  I'll remind you on the days and provide the direct link, starting March 20. There are some neat tips on sewing machine techniques and a very cute little project that is super easy - you won't be able to make just one!

March 23 - Brampton Quilter's Guild - I'll be speaking at the Brampton Quilter's Guild. The topic will be "What's new at Northcott!"   Going to be a load of fun and I'm going to take you behind the scenes a little bit (just a wee bit) to see the process involved in creating fabrics.  The meeting is at Jim Archdekin Rec Center, 292 Conestoga Dr in Brampton.  The meeting starts at 7:30 and there is a small fee for guests.

April 1 -2  - Region of York Quilt Show in Newmarket.  And check out this link to a video advertising their show.

April 4 - Wasaga Beach Quilter's Guild - I'll be speaking at the Wasaga Beach Quilter's Guild. I'll have to dig the topic out - I don't have the information beside me!

April 8 - West End Modern Quilt Guild meeting (note - this name is totally unofficial but it sounds good!) We're trying to get a Modern Quilt Guild off its feet in this area. So we've got a meeting scheduled to see how we should proceed. The meeting is from 10 AM - 12 Noon and will be held at Streetsville Kinsmen's Center, 321 Queen Street South, Streetsville. Free Parking. Note there will be a small fee to cover the cost of the room - $5. I'd like to figure out logistics, future meeting dates, ideas for the guild, how traditional quilters are really modern quilters in disguise.  If you have show and tell, please bring it. I'd like to chat about how we can take traditional quilts and with a few changes, they can become modern. E-mail if you plan to attend or just pop in.

April 10 - Lindsay Creative Guild. I'll be speaking at the Lindsay Creative Guild in Lindsay. I'll post the topic tomorrow.

April 12 - 16 - Fireside Retreat (there is still a spot left if anyone would like).  You can take one night, two, three or all four nights.  E-mail if you're interested and I'll get you the details.

April 17 - Dufferin County Quilt Guild. I'll be speaking at the Dufferin County Quilt Guild.  Topic to follow.

Yikes -- there are tons of other things - I just don't seem to have all the information at my finger tips. Don't worry as I know exactly where it is, but I'm running out of time this morning so I'll complete the list tomorrow.

But speaking of keeping things. The other day, it came to my attention that perhaps a purchase that I made hadn't been paid for. Yikes - seriously???  It was from months ago and how the heck would I remember. I could check bank statements I suppose as the amount was for several hundred dollars and I never pay cash for those amounts. My recycle bin in my office has been sitting here totally unemptied for several weeks as I thought I may have dropped something important in it and I didn't remember what!  I know - I'm such a dunce!  Anyway, besides going through my little stack of paper, I thought I should once and for all, empty the recycling bin and double check that something I need didn't get thrown in. Guess what!  Yep - a VISA receipt for the amount in question popped up pretty much right away!  Now how is that for weird things happening?

On that note, I'm out of here as I still have a few more papers in my pile, I've got a quilt loaded on the machine, I've got a Task Master who is very patiently, but persistently tapped her fingers and I must get to work!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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