Thursday, March 16, 2017

Show n Tell - Reminisce Part 2

Before I start, remember what I chatted about yesterday morning - about the calorie content of food?  So this morning, I'm trying to tidy up a bit and I came across an article that I had saved. Very interesting - it's entitled "Lose Weight by decluttering".  by Hellen Buttigieg.  

Check it out - there are several other articles on the internet.  Just search for "link between clutter and weight". Here's a link to one of them.   I think this is very true as there are days when I'm in a state of stress - can't find something, something isn't working and what do I do? I grab a bag of licorice if it's in the house and I eat it all!  I hope to not repeat that again as my sugar crash was pretty spectacular and NOT pretty. I truly believe that clutter can play mind games with you as well.  So imagine what I would be like if there were no clutter in my house?  Like my office for instance.  I so want to get it cleaned and well - it will happen. Better be sooner than later cause I'm really getting tired of it all. And I know that you're tired of me talking about fixing the problem!

There is so much clutter in our lives and not just things.  Things to do, clubs we belong to, books to read, places to go.  We really really need to learn to simply and say NO! The days when I don't have a clear vision of what I'm going to do - I'm totally useless and barely accomplish anything!  Matter of fact, I'm giving a talk this evening to the Oakville Quilter's Guild on organizing the sewing room.  It's going to be loads of fun so if you're in the area and have a free night - come join us.  Got questions - feel free to bring those along as well. 

Anyway - now that I've mentioned that article, I'm free to ditch that article that I'd been saving. It's gone!  

And onto our show n tell for today.  Again today, we're having a peek at Reminisce which is a quilt that we worked on during 2016 and I'm only now getting the pictures posted for you. 

Here's a picture of the original quilt. 

Reminisce - the original by Lori Smith from My Heart to you Hands

After those two borders were put on then we had lots of bits to make for the next two rows. Here are some of the bits. The first picture was also shown yesterday - just in case you think I've lost my mind. 

Border bits

Blocks for the last border

More blocks for the last border

Corners of the last border

That wild colorway again!

The elegant colorway


Very unusual colorway and it works!

One more border to go!

Notice how pronounced that white part of the border is

Totally different look because of value

More border bits

Pool noodle makes a great method of transportation


The split colored quilt with coping strips

Again, go back and look at how different these quilts are depending on whether they have coping strips or not. Check out the values of the fabrics used in the borders. Some of them are very pronounced. Some of them are very subtle. The beauty of this is that there is no right or wrong - it's what you're looking for. And sometimes, I just do something so I have an example of a project done one way or the other. But all of these are super interesting and lots of lessons to be learned by studying the pictures.

On that note, it's going to be a crazy busy day. I'm on a roll - I've been knocking things off my list (my non-quilting list) and that's a good thing. I have a lot to knock off today so I'd better get started.

Have a super day and just for the heck of it, here's an assignment. You can do one of two things.

  1. Spend 15 minutes in one part of your house. Toss, sort, (mostly toss) ONE small area of your house. Could be under the bathroom counter (that's my focus these days), could be the kitchen counter, could be your bedside table.  DO NOT MOVE the items to another surface.  NO NO NO   - what you want to do is deal with the stuff. If you no longer need it (and please think seriously about this - most stuff you do NOT need), then toss it. If it's reading materials, find a box to put all your reading material or perhaps you have too much reading material - then prioritize and dump the rest. Expired lotions, creams - toss them.  
  2. Or pick an area as above and toss 15 things!

Whichever is quicker - but hop to it!  set that timer or start counting items -- FIFTEEN.

Send me an e-mail to let me know what you did. Include a picture. I'll post some of the responses - we could have a lot of fun with this. And after all, spring is just around the corner.


On your mark, get set - GO!

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