Saturday, March 4, 2017

Little Miss Tuffet...

Today is the day!  We're making tuffets!!

If ever you want to make a tuffet, I highly suggest that you do it in a class. A class where the teacher brings everything you need. There are a lot of supplies and stuff that you don't want to buy in quantity to make one, but when I buy in bulk - it's a whole lot easier. And there is a HUGE variety of tools and bits and pieces that you need.

And it helps that the President of our guild is a building contractor so he has a pneumatic stapler which is going to make the process a whole LOT easier. More on that tomorrow!

I don't know if you remember a while back (in preparation for this class), I had purchased a MASSIVE roll of upholstery batting. It was so big that it filled the back of my car and it's been sitting in my living room for months.

Big roll of uupholstery batting

To make life easier today (and also because I don't have space to put the entire roll back in the car), I cut the squares needed for the class.

Yes, I had help. Miss Murphy thought it would be fun to roll on the batting, but we quickly dispensed with that activity!  When I went to take the picture, I had to laugh - does it remind you of anything???  Yep - it looks like a giant roll of toilet paper!

Cutting the batting
 I cut 20 pieces. For the class, for myself (yes - I'm going to try and get the first step of FOUR tuffets done today - may not happen).

I did cut a few extra pieces for those that are not buying the entire kit.

Twenty squares of upholstery batting
And how big is that roll now???  Well considerably smaller, but I estimate that I could get another 15 squares of batting off that roll. Enough for one more class.  Let me know if anyone is interested in another tuffet class or work session.

The remainder of the upholstery batting roll

It's now small enough that I could move it upstairs with the rest of the batting, but I left it there to see if DH notices that it's now much smaller. 

I'm thinking there could be an issue as I now have 14 bases, 14 pieces of foam, my supply box, an air compressor and all that batting that has to fit in the car. Hmm - could be interesting. Thank goodness, the batting is squishy!

I was running around last night to get the last of the supplies. In case you're looking for the round bases, Rona (at least the one near me who recently downsized) no longer sells the round bases.  I had to go to three different Lowes stores. But let me tell you about customer service. I went into the Lowe's near my work. I found four bases (needed 14).  I went to the customer service and the woman there was so helpful. She located five at one store and five at another (well actually eight at the second store). The items were sitting at the commercial desk at both stores for me when I arrived to pick up and pay.  It does NOT get any better than that!!!   THANK YOU Lowes!!!!

And a last minute trip to Fabricland for a few more supplies and I'm good to go this morning. I've got absolutely everything to make these tuffets - oh yes - I had to throw in a sewing machine, cutting mat, ironing surface and iron as well. I may need a roof rack!

So as I'm looking for the tools, I grabbed the drill box. That yellow DeWalt box in this picture. Underneath, I found that orange bag.  Hmmmm - that used to be the orange bag I carried as a purse before I broke down and splurged on my MK bag.

When did this orange thing happen?  I've no idea.

Old orange tote bag
 I thought it would be fun to see what's inside which was a good thing, because the drill box was empty and I really didn't know where to begin to look for the drill. Guess what?  Yep - the drill was underneath the orange bag!

Let's check inside the orange bag.  Oh my - there is a cup warmer from the 2010 Olympics.

Still stuff inside the bag!
 And a wallet....

A wallet
 Well - it's not really a wallet, looks more like a photo book and look what I found inside!!!   That would be $40.  I'm rich!

Found money
 I have no recollection of this little photo album, but finders is keepers so it's mine - all mine!!!!

I also found a $20 Starbucks card which may or may not have money - I'm pretty sure it does. I do remember that card. A candy and a couple of old appointment cards. Good grief - I need to clean up!

Starbucks card!
 Two containers of hand lotion. Let's check the expiry date. Oh my! 09/2012. No idea what the other one was but they are both in the garbage.  Look - I'm cleaning up!

Expired hand cream

I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be for this class. No that's not true. I need to get the car packed and the girls are very patiently waiting for their walk. I don't have time to get them to the dog park and I'd have to unpack part of the car and repack. That's not going to happen. Hopefully the finishes early and we can get to the park this afternoon. Although its freezing and the two of them are outside almost all day every day. They don't really need to get to the park for exercising. It's just for socializing.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!


PS - yes - I will take pictures of the car when it's packed.

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  1. Hey! Looks like I missed out.. where did you do this class? Did you have fun??