Monday, March 27, 2017

Motivational Monday - check in...

Good morning!  It's Monday morning and while you're reading this, I'm probably at the gym in spin class!

Mondays are such a great day!  A new week and lots of plans to get things done!  I'm going on a retreat this week and so have been busy getting things prepped for 5 days of sewing. I don't think I even turned my sewing machine on. Not that I need to prep, I think I still have a couple of bags of projects packed from when I was in PEI for one month in 2015!

I did say that I was going to get two quilts quilted however, when I pulled the first one out, I realized that it was HUGE. Much larger than I had remembered and there was no way I was going to get two done. Part way through the day, I contemplated leaving it and finishing it another day, but then I would NOT have a picture to post today so I perservered and the quilt is done.

Customer quilt - DONE!
And no -  part of the quilt is not cut off - there are borders on only three sides of the quilt. The pantograph (all over quilting design) was new to me, but it quilted up beautifully on this quilt. My only caution to everyone - don't forget to MEASURE your borders when you sew them on. Don't just take your border strips and sew them on. You'll get fullness around the edges that can be difficult to quilt. Doesn't take long to measure, and the results are better!

That doesn't mean that's all I did!  I got two more customer quilts trimmed and out the door today so that freed up some room on my work tables.

I spent a bit of time cutting more of Fancy Forest. I still have a couple of hours at the most to finish cutting the rest of the big quilt and I'm short on two fabrics. In some cases, the pieces I pulled from my stash were small and I was certain I would run out of a couple of them, but I may have some scraps in my scrap boxes so will try to get all of that done before I leave. If not, I'll take what I've got done and if I can get all that sewn, I'm good.

I did get about 10 more blocks ready to sew for the Canadian Women quilt. I'm going to take those for my enders and leaders for the retreat. I dug out my big tote for the last of the three bags I'm allowing myself. So far there is nothing in it and I've only two evenings left to prep and I have ONE more quilt that I have to quilt before I leave (I'm taking it with me - it's for someone at the retreat) so that big bag may end up not going?  Two totes of projects?  Oh my - well - it's not Wednesday morning yet. But there are TWO quilts and TWO bags that I need to work on. Of course, those ones are not cut yet - but I may end up doing it at work? Well, technically they're for work so I could get away with it!

OK - all of those things were in my Task Master. That means, I've been able to check some stuff off. Yes - I've added some stuff and there will be more to add later this week. The trick is to NOT put more on there than you can honestly do in the week. Or in some cases, I put the items on there so I don't forget that I have to do them. I'm very bad at that!

Does anyone need a home visit to jumpstart their motivation?  I see there is lots of work being posted on the Facebook page and that is super exciting. Has anyone else dumped a project that they know they will no longer enjoy making?

For those of you who are not posting pictures, I hope that's just because you don't have time, not because you're not getting things done. It's almost the end of March and I'm still working on my February and my March projects. and YES - I'll pick something for April.  I keep plugging away at those monthly projects and I will get them done.  When I don't have all this homework to prep in the summer or after my 10 days of sewing in the next couple of weeks, I'll have made some good headway and will feel more in control!  I might also take my February project and work on it, but there is more cutting to do.  Yikes - I'd better get cutting!

Have a super day!!!


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