Friday, March 31, 2017

Retreat - Day Two

I love sewing retreats!!!   Yesterday I had to make my squash soup. It went over extremely well - it's easy to make. I'm not messing with tradition - from now on - it's squash soup for everyone! And I made grilled veggie wraps which I just love!!!

I made a bag that had to get finished yesterday.  Started and finished in ONE day!  I didn't bring any plasticore to make the bottom and thankfully I had not precut it as I had to fudge the size a smidgen when I made one blasted cutting error when trimming the corners!  Then I made the lining for the bottom and that one will be off the list. I may bring it to the next retreat to finish or I may do that at home!

I did finish one set of flying geese - trimmed and in the bag to go home and ready for the next stage. That was one of the magazine quilts. Not sure if I made enough flying geese, but it's a great start.  Then I prepped the next batch of flying geese. Lines marked and I'm working on those today.

At the same time, I'm working on some half square triangles.  Notice that I've been doing a LOT of flying geese/half square triangles.  Time to do something different once I get this latest batch done. No danger of running out of projects!  Still working out of the first project bag!

We are eating well and pretty darn healthy except for that bag of red licorice that someone left on the cutting table.  I love that stuff and it's just too darn handy.  I put it back in a plastic bag and hopefully won't touch it today.

We have a wood burning stove here so that takes the chill off of our big room with lots of windows. It's nice and toasty there and well - we're all happy as clams.  I almost got the fire lit myself this morning.  Going to need that skill in a couple of weeks unless the temperature goes up.  It's NOT cold, it just takes the edge off the air.

Made it to Thimbles and Things yesterday.  Paula drove Susan and me there. We shopped and Paula drove home (with our purchases) while Susan and I walked home.  It's about 4.6 KM.  No big deal - it was a beautiful walk and good company. Check out her web page to see a couple of those FINISHED 365-day quilts.

I'm going back today but probably won't walk back. It's messy outside with a bit of snow on the ground and it's supposed to rain later today.  Might be a tad wet and I've only one pair of shoes (as usual!)

Thimbles and Things is one of my favorite stores. She has the latest products, some great fabrics, patterns, tools, kits, you name it - Sue has it!  And I don't think I've ever met a more friendly shop owner. We just love the place.

I must be getting old.  Once 10 PM hits, I'm finished for the day.  I used to be one of the last ones to go to bed. Not anymore. Literally, once 10 PM arrives, I have to go to bed and even though my bedroom is right beside the sewing room and even with the door open, I'm asleep within seconds of getting into bed!

Just made a run to Tim's. I'm off the hook for any cooking for the rest of the weekend. Lots of stuff prepped - I've got loads to do!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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