Wednesday, April 3, 2019

DAWN is my new best friend

I know - you're scratching your head. Dawn? Who the heck is Dawn?

Well, thanks to Jane S, DAWN is my new friend. And who is Dawn???  Oh, shoot - I don't have my own picture and don't want to get flak from the company so here's the link to Dawn.   Yep - we're talking dishwashing soap!!

Someone in our sewing group had a wee problem with some dye bleeding in a quilt. Jane suggested a good soak in Dawn. I remembered that some of my stuff got stained in the "flood" so I thought I'd try Dawn and see what happened. Keep in mind, the fabric is totally dry at this point. 

It's hard to see, but there's a stain right in the middle of that big white spot. Dye that ran from a batik that was in the pile of stuff that got soaked.

Big stain on the white fabric
Again, hard to tell, but all these pieces were stained as well. I really should have taken them outside to get better pictures. DUH!!!

Stains on these pieces as well
I loaded up the sink with hot water and some Dawn. I threw the fabrics into the sink and let them sit for a while. According to Jane, you're supposed to let it soak for 12 hours. I soaked for about one hour.

Soaking in the sink

Again, the light isn't the best, but that stain is GONE!!!!!  I'm so happy, I was going to have to restitch those two samples. Now I don't have to!

The stain is gone!!!!
And these pieces came out pristine.

More stains are GONE!!

It's hard to see with this one as the light fabric already has a mottled look to it. But the parts that were stained? They're clean of the stains.

Stains are gone from here as well
That was a highlight of my day!!!  That Dawn seems to work on a whole lot of stuff and it's mild. Way milder than the detergents that we do laundry with. Something to think about!!!!  Thanks, Jane for that tip - I'll be remembering that one and I think I have more stuff that has stains on it that I'll be soaking. I'll take better pictures next time.

I also got some quilts quilted. This one belongs to a customer and it's done and ready to be delivered later this month.

Customer quilt - DONE

 I also got the magazine quilt quilted. The binding is ready to put on this morning and then the sleeve and it'll be out the door by the end of the day. I had to buy a specific panto for it and I remembered how to download it and get it into the computer! Yeah! No issues. I love the quilt - it looks awesome.

Then back to the sewing machines where I'm working on samples for some upcoming classes. There are some amazing stitches (and stitch techniques) on the PFAFF Creative Icon. I was using ribbon stitches, radiant stitches and even did some editing of stitches. I'll be showing you more about that another day. But what fun!!!!

I'm making a folded accessory holder. This is as far as I got last night and I'm making two of them at the same time.

Folder accessory holder

It's going to be another crazy day as I work on more samples and sample stitch outs. All in a fun day's work. I'll be in Studio U all day.

I even squeaked out time for a walk yesterday. Off to the library and the grocery store. It's getting too nice to spend the entire day in the house.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I love DAWN - I discovered it a few years ago. Great for taking grease spots out of clothing. Just squirt a little on, rub it in, and throw the item in the washing machine!

    1. Awesome -- that's a good tip as well. How many times have we slopped on ourselves to end up with a grease stain right in the front! Thanks!

  2. I'm going to have to try the Dawn trick. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I don't even want to put red in a quilt anymore because the last two I made with red in them ran. I have yet to try Dawn. Just waiting to get 12 hours of free bathtub time to let it soak.

    1. Mary-Kay - perhaps you should try testing your reds before you use them in a quilt? Also - no washing with detergent like Tide or Sunlight. Very bad on textiles. They are harsh. And you need to find out why your reds are running?? Rogue dyes or bleeding. You don't need 12 hours for the soaking. Perhaps overnight would work best. Elaine