Thursday, April 18, 2019

On using up the old

So what's with this spring weather? Back home, I see the temperature is above zero this morning - yeah! But here? It's minus 2. And when I took a walk after the meeting ended yesterday, I thought I was going to freeze to death! Thank goodness for a scarf or I'd have been a popsicle for sure. Although I will say that it was good to get out and I felt much better after the brisk walk.

When I got back to the hotel, I popped into bed with my clothes on and my "social" friends (computer and phone) and was gradually able to warm up!

Notice how I even have pictures again today!! I won't be blogging tomorrow as I have an early morning flight and a late night tonight. There may be something short and sweet - I'm not sure yet. I'm going to be moving hotels today so I'm close to the airport for that flight tomorrow. Thankfully the flight is short and I should be back at my house by 10 AM!! No, wait - I have luggage to collect - make that 10:30 AM.

It's funny how we get connected to certain dishes. Speaking of which, I just remembered a dream that I had. Something about moving stuff. Oh yes - I dreamt about the upcoming basement move that I need to get underway when I get home.

As I was unloading the dishwasher earlier this past week, I noticed that this dish keeps getting in the dishwasher. It's an old dish - it used to belong to my grandmother. Look how faded the dish is and how mottled the finish is. There's even a small crack in the dish.

Old cereal bowl

The writing on the back is Wade, England

I believe we used to eat off these dishes when we stayed at Grandma's house. DH keeps using this dish for his cereal. He hadn't been eating cereal for a while and now that the dish is back in use - he's eating cereal again! At first, I was going to tell him to not use the dish, but good grief - what else would I be saving it for? All that mottled stuff is probably harmful stuff coming out of the dish, but we don't worry about that at our house. One day in the near future that dish is going to crack and it will be toast.

I'm sure my grandmother would be happy that we're continuing to use one of her dishes. Where are the rest? No idea - I think I only had one or two of these bowls and nothing else from that set.

Funny how we get attached to certain objects that are used for a specific purpose and nothing else. If we continue to save those items - well what's the point? We must use the good dishes or items with memories. Use them every day. Remember the people that used them previously. Once I'm gone, that dish would have zero memory to anyone else. It doesn't even hold any memories for DH and certainly not for M.

I have noisy neighbors in this hotel. For the THIRD morning in a row, I can hear their alarm go off at 6. No worries - I'm awake and then, the woman next door has a phone conversation with a man on SPEAKER. I know that I could make out the conversation if I listened closely which I'm not. But boy - she has a down east laugh that carries!!!

Something else very weird happened yesterday. In my extensive list making, I made a note that I needed to find a good home for two quilts in my possession. Both of them were quilted by myself for a friend of mine. She ended up quite ill and eventually passed. But before she passed, she gave me these two quilts. She said her family wouldn't appreciate them and could I find a good home for them. I've had the darn things for probably 3 or more years and nothing worthy has come up. Then out of the blue last night, I got a note from someone looking for a quilt that they can use as a fundraiser for The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Even though my friend didn't have cancer, I think this was a sign. When I get home, I'll check the quilts - one I remember what it is, the other I do not. I'll choose the most appropriate for the occasion and that would be one quilt gone and I've gotten half of one item on my list done!!!

I got an email yesterday with a link to one of the articles that I chatted about on sustainability and clothing. Here's one of the articles.  It's quite interesting.

Once I got back to my hotel room, as mentioned, I crawled into bed to warm up. I was going to take a wee peek into the EQ8 software, but I got caught up in my embroidery software instead. I spent hours playing around - something that I don't necessarily get time to play around with back home. But oh my goodness, I had loads of fun and I'm making a couple of neat projects. There are so many modules in the Premier +2 software that one hardly knows where to begin. Anyone else with that software and no idea what to do with it???  Perhaps a class or two is appropriate??

There are some cool Wizards in the software and I'm focusing on one of the wizard modules and once I'm comfortable with everything to learn in that module, then I'm moving onto the next one. I've got one design ready for stitch out and working on two others. Once I get them stitched out, I'll show you. There are a couple of things that I need to check out in the manual and I didn't get that far last night.

The meetings went well yesterday and I did another event with the dealers in the afternoon. Then everyone cleared out and I was on my own for dinner which is why I ended up going for a walk. This hotel is located near one of those big box malls. Good grief - it's a pain to walk in this area. There are NO sidewalks through those mall areas - they were built for cars, but I managed to get there and back without any incident.

There are loads of restaurants around so eating out wasn't a problem. Oh, shoot - I should have looked for a luggage scale but I don't think I'm over. I wasn't on the way here. I acquired a few small items that I didn't buy and haven't bought anything and not planning on it so I think I'm good to go.

On that note, I need to reorganize my suitcase this morning as I literally crammed everything into it at the end of the day and I need it to be super organized for my two events today.

Have a super day!!


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