Sunday, April 14, 2019

In the nick of time.................

Last night brought to a close the fourth of five major events that were happening in the last month. One more to go! I think I might make it! But before that last event is over, I've got a ton of class prep to do for next weekend and I've got to finish my UFO for 11 AM this morning!

I honestly didn't get a chance to get outside the PFAFF booth during the show. Lots of people stopped by to say hello and I must say it was great to meet some new blog followers and of course to say hi to those that I know. Thanks so much for stopping by - it was great fun to see you all.

My main focus, of course, was to talk about and demonstrate the fabulous PFAFF sewing/embroidery machines. After those two days, I feel like I know the PFAFF line fairly well.

One of my booth duty jobs at the show was to keep the four embroidery machines going. A small feat to say the least. Thankfully, Emily loaded up a lace design that kept the Creative Icon busy all day, but I had three other machines that I was trying to keep going. On one of them, I was stitching out some designs that I needed for me. I have some embroidery to put into a magazine quilt. I thought I might as well get it done there as have to do it today. Of course, we put the machines in slow motion for the show and my design had about 23,000 stitches in it.

There were only five color changes in my design but it seemed like it was always time to change the thread. And the morning started out gloriously when the bobbin ran out in all three machines practically at the same time. So it's getting close to the end of the show and I'm still doing the last stitch out. I had sped the machine up by this point as I knew it would never get done otherwise. Thank goodness that the embroidery machine provides a time estimate on the screen for how long it'll take to finish stitching out a design. I was using the Creative 4.5.  have to get used to all the names so that's why I'm writing them in the blog - it helps me to remember. 

And then someone stops to chat just as I need to change the thread! But I talked and changed thread at the same time! I finished the design at 4:58! The show closed at 5 PM. That was close.

And then there's the fun part of packing up! It's a wee bit complicated because as we pack, we are prepping for the next events. And there's always another event! I left at 8 PM - we were almost completely done at that point and nothing else that I could help with.

I did manage to make one purchase while I was at the show and it was only because the booth was right across the aisle from us! Here's what I bought and I know from the pictures that it looks boring, but bear with me.

I'm always on the lookout for samples. I need samples and as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to need new samples. Clothing is a great way to showcase some of the amazing features of the sewing/embroidery machines.

I love linen and fell in love with this piece. Now the weight is a tad heavy for a shirt, but I've got other ideas for it. And it's going to be embroidered!!

Gorgeous piece of linen

This next piece is perfect for making a shirt. Don't worry - the embroideries will be very subtle, but they are going to look gorgeous on this. One of the owners of the store had made a pair of pants out of this fabric. They looked beautiful.

Shirt weight fabric

But the best piece of fabric? Well - it was this one. Kind of a travel/adventure theme and I LOVE IT. It's canvas so it'll work for a tote bag. Or some kind of travel bag and there are loads of patterns out there. Now to choose one.

Adventure theme canvas

And where did I buy these fabrics? From The Sewing Cafe in Georgetown. I've known the owners for a while and Anna and I used to ride our bikes together. Now that seems so distant! But I vow to make time to ride my bike this summer. Check out their website for more info as they do a lot in their space.

They sell Jalie patterns. The designers are Canadian - YES - I love to support Canadian. I found a shirt pattern that I love and I'm going to make it from the shirt weight fabric. Even better, I'm going to make that thing fit me perfectly. So I'm going to book a class - either group or private at The Sewing Cafe. If anyone else is interested in shirt fitting, let me know and we could have them do a class just for us. That would be loads of fun!

Now the bad news - when I look at those Jalie patterns, I see other things that I want to make! OK - so I'm going to have to become more skilled at the serger as some of the items I want are knits. No big deal - it can all happen! Seriously though - wouldn't it be more fun to make your own clothes than buy them? Then you know they are going to be what you want. It's the darn fit thing that's the issue so I resolve to learn how to do that.

I did a good thing yesterday. One of my colleagues very graciously lent me some samples so that means that today, I can focus on my homework prep. But I need to get the whip out and get my own samples made. I need to make a list of the required samples and prioritize them. The list will be endless of course, but that's OK. A HUGE thank you to Emily for getting me out of that bind!

We won't go into how the house looks. There are quilts everywhere. There are sewing samples everywhere. Suitcases are everywhere - filled or not with samples or quilts. Bits and pieces of samples and sewing machine parts are strewn all over Studio U. There's paperwork all over the office and some of it needs to get done, but it has to wait for one more week. Bottom line - I'm in my glory!!! Thankfully DH just turns his head! But I do need to get things back in order. Next week! Let's just say that I make pretty good use of the ENTIRE house while he's pretty much contained to a room or two!!! Hey - if you have space, you might as well use it!

On that note, I'm out of here! I've got a UFO block to finish!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Hi Elaine Happy you’re thrilled with your fabrics! Looking forward to working with you. But not to scare everyone off Jalie patterns, a serger is NOT required to make these great patterns. Jalie gives the stitching info for a sewing machine as well. A serger is nice but not necessary. Linda P. The Sewing Cafe

    1. Linda - thanks so much for that info!! I have never worked with Jalie before and good to know that I don't have to use a serger if I don't want to!!!! Elaine