Sunday, May 12, 2019

Do they give you joy?

The tidying up process is a long one. The first step is to realize that there's an issue - I'm not talking hoarding level here. I'm just talking about why does that darn kitchen table always have stacks of paper on it. I'm talking about piles of books or magazines stacked by the chair or the bed or wherever. If that's the case - it's time to think about finding them a home or tidying up or whatever you want to call it.

But have you thought about tidying up your friendships or relationships? If you've got friends that are just too darn needy or that are totally one way? What about organizations? If you're dreading going to that meeting or that event, then perhaps it's time to rethink if you should be spending your time there.

Think about Marie Kondo. While her tidying is based on material things, why not apply the techniques to friends and organizations? Do I get joy from this person/group? Do they/it respect me? If the answer is no, then perhaps it's time to ease out of that friendship/group.

That's what I did and it was finalized yesterday. I eased myself out of an organization. It's funny because it's an organization that I started just barely two years ago. The mix of people that joined - well, let's just say that we didn't see eye to eye. I did feel a "wee" bit railroaded and I hated going to the meetings and well - I'm no longer associated! You know what? I feel FABULOUS!!!!  Yes - I'm a bit disappointed to leave because it could have been a lot of fun, but it was no longer fun. Anyway - I'm out and feeling great about that.

I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve to compensate for the loss of that organization. I may or may not jump on it - I'll see how things go. I'm really loving the idea of having ZERO responsibility in the community except for my own. What I mean is not belonging to any formal organizations. I feel that if I belong to an organization, that I should volunteer. That's just my nature. I've been on some committee forever! And it feels good to NOT be on any. I have one more that's winding down in the next couple of weeks (after I finish up a bunch more paperwork) and then I'm out of that one as well.

What will I do with my time? Oh - I get to read, or ride my bike or just hang out in the backyard and do nothing. Or of course, I could sew! I'm so looking forward to that!

The bottom line - if there is something or someone who is making you unhappy, then perhaps it's time to evaluate the situation and get yourself out! We shouldn't be wasting our precious time hanging out with people who don't respect us, don't appreciate us, or take us for granted.

So back to the quilt show in Windsor last weekend. Remember all those books? The deal was that you could buy a plastic bag for $1 and then fill it with as many books and magazines as you could. I think I did very well in that department. This is the book that caught my eye as I walked past the table and I was pulled in.

Embroidery book by Yoko Saito
It's a beautiful book with loads of hand embroidery inspiration. For $1, I could not leave it on the table.  I'll share the rest of the books another day.

Just before we left, Ronda swooped past the table and picked up a book and a pattern which was shoved into my bag.

The book is Sudoku Quilts hiding in the background. But look at the pattern!!  I thought this was the same one that I'm missing to finish making those minis for my Mom. But no - this is the one that I already have. No worries, I do have access to the other one. I'll have to resurrect that soon as the clock is ticking! But I would bet that she still hasn't hung the two that I sent a couple of months ago. OK - be nice to your Mom! It's Mother's Day after all!!!

What Ronda bought at the Windsor Quilt Show

I thought I'd share this story with you. Many years ago, I taught a couple of classes. One was Stack n Whack and the other was Tennessee Waltz. The same student attended both classes. I ended up quilting both quilts for her. She got ill years ago and knew that her family wouldn't appreciate her quilts so she gave these two back to me to do something with. I wanted them to go to a special home or to some kind of fundraiser. There was no way that I could ethically sell these quilts and certainly didn't just want to give it away to a friend of mine.

I was approached by Barb who is doing The Ride to Conquer Cancer. Remember that ride? I've done it five times and raised a minimum of $2,500 each time. Barb was looking for a quilt to help with her fundraising and did I have any that she could buy to help out? I told her about these two quilts and that she could have either of them for free. She took the Stack n Whack quilt. Here's a picture of it.

Stack n Whack quilt

The quilt is quite pretty. Anyway, I learned yesterday she had someone who wanted the quilt and it was sold to that person for a decent sum of money. The proceeds went to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (via The Ride to Conquer Cancer). Thank you to Gayle for donating that quilt to me and I'm glad it went to a good home. I think that Gayle would be pleased!

There is one more quilt. The Tennessee Waltz. It'll need to find a good home as well. Someday - there's no rush. The appropriate event will come.

A quilt in need of a worthy cause
It was always a struggle to raise enough money to do The Ride to Conquer Cancer. I love the other quilt that Barb has made. It's a signature quilt and each person donates $5 to have their name or message on the quilt. It's tempting to do that ride again, but then we get into organization and fundraising and well - I'm at the point in my life that I no longer want that. Or at least I want to take a break.

Barb's fundraising quilt

And how is the magazine quilt coming along? Right on schedule. I had to teach a class yesterday so didn't get too much done, but I did accomplish quite a bit. I miss having a super good light to work by when it gets dark. But 1/3 of the blocks are together. Most of the rest of the quilt is cut and I'm ready to sew all day today. It's going to be a  great day!!!  My goal is to have that quilt on the long arm by the end of the day. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Here's a fabulous story about small town living!  Yes - this is one of the reasons why small town living is the best!!!  While this never happened when I lived out west, I can just visualize everyone getting into action! Neighborhood watch at its best.

On that note, it's time to get the day moving ahead.

Have a super day!!!!   - Happy Mother's Day. We did the brunch thing yesterday so no need to go out today.


OH - and was anyone observant about my blog post yesterday???  If you remember seeing Ronda's zippered pouch, I called it Superman, when in fact that fabric was clearly SPIDERMAN! My brain wasn't thinking clearly! Thanks to M for pointing that out. And the US stuff - it's gone already!

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