Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lilla Show n Tell

So I'm doing great at keeping up with the homework for the ongoing classes, but the next hurdle is to get the pictures posted! There's just too darn much going on!

These are the pictures from our ongoing class for Lilla. The class is taking place at Oh Look Fabric. While it's too late to join the class now, I'm contemplating doing another ongoing class at the store. Any thoughts??  Any intriguing patterns that look too intimidating to do on your own? Let me know. The best part of these classes is seeing the colors that others use in their quilts and how they interpret each block. It's a great social event and a way to use up scraps!!!

Before I go to the homework, I wanted to comment about that e-mail I received yesterday and my response. I'm ashamed to say that there have been times in the past when I've fired off an e-mail in response to something when I should have waited. You know - get all the thoughts out of your head. Write them down, make logical sense of them. Limit what you say, be concise and all that stuff. Well, that's what I did yesterday. And you know what? I felt super great about that e-mail. After I hit SEND, I completely forgot about the issue. I had reviewed the e-mail numerous times and rejigged my words several times and added and subtracted so that all my points were said. Yep - I MUST, MUST, MUST do that in the future. My conscious is clear and I can easily move on! How they deal with it - well that's not my problem, since they are the ones that caused the problem in the first place!

Now let's see about that homework.

First up is Giselle. This diamond block was a wee bit of a bear to put together. I had mentioned it a while back. I've got more to say about it later today. Overall, the blocks look awesome.

Diamond blocks

The purple and black is such a neat combination. The blocks look very dramatic! And she added a wee bit of grey in the center to add some contrast.

Next set of Gisele's blocks

This is the first curved block in the class. Totally free form. I think they are great and notice no two are the same. They're not supposed to be!! It's FREE FORM cutting.

Freeform curves

Here is the first set of Cathy's blocks. According to the pattern, you're to make 4 of each of 25 blocks. The blocks finish at 9" so you can see that will be a huge quilt. Cathy is making a smaller quilt so not always making four of each block. She's done an outstanding job of keeping that directional background going in the same direction. A challenge to be sure!

Cathy's blocks
 Here are those crazy diamond blocks. Cathy is also experimenting with a solid gray in the background to make life a little bit easier for herself.

Cathy's diamond blocks

And this is Cathy's curved pieced block. That curve is very subtle, but it's a curve and that's all that counts!!!

Cathy's curved piecing

Then it time for Rita to show her crazy blocks. That black/white/grey combination is wild! And that little pop of yellow is going to look awesome when the quilt is done.

While Rita is a brand new quilter, she's not afraid to move outside the box!!! Her curved blocks are totally crazy as she added bits and pieces if the blocks weren't the right size and she was using up bits and pieces as well.

Rita's curved blocks
 These are Rita's diamonds. You can see that she had loads of fun with the pattern. The widths of the strips were changed, she added more fabrics and well, I think she had a lot of fun with this frustrating block.
Rita's diamond blocks
 Matter of fact, she had so much fun that she made two more blocks!!!!

More of Rita's diamond blocks

Here is Rita's last set of blocks. Again, she made the components and then sewed them together all different from the original. I think only one looks like the original. Hey - it's an improv/modern quilt. Anything goes!!!!

Last set of Rita's blocks

These blocks are Sara's. Yes - these blocks are the SAME block as the photo above!  Sara loved this fabric and said it reminded her of upholstery and that the block reminded her of a chair so these are her upholstered chairs!!!

Sara's blocks

These are Sara's version of the curved block. They were perfectly flat and that's what it's all about when doing curved piecing!

Freeform curved blocks

As mentioned, the diamond block was a bit of a bear. I love what Sara did!! Make it totally different!!! Love it!!!

Sara's diamond blocks

Now about that diamond block. I also had trouble with the darn block. The story is here.

This is what I ended up with my diamond blocks.

My diamond blocks

The problem started with errors (2 of them) in the cutting instructions. One didn't really affect the final outcome, you just had to cut more fabric. But one of the pieces that formed the shape of the diamond was incorrect.

Anyway, after getting ZERO help from the designer, I rejigged the instructions and came up with this.

This block is PERFECT

I decided to remake my diamond blocks so I could further explain to the class how it goes together. Well, it appears that when I made that sample block above, I got LUCKY!!!  Even though the block is "improv", it has to measure a certain size (that diamond) or the points will get cut off. As mentioned, I got lucky when I trimmed my initial piece. Not so lucky on the next round of blocks. But I figured it out. And these are my new blocks for the quilt.

My next set of diamond blocks

I'll probably use all the blocks (except for that sample block) in the quilt. I'm going to make two smaller quilts so I'll probably need those extra blocks.

Here's the thing about this block. It's improv in the cutting, but it shouldn't be if you want the diamond to look like a real diamond with no points cut off and if you want it to look like the pattern. The pattern was grossly lacking in instructions, measurements, cutting instructions. Should you be making this quilt, this is a problem block!!!  I won't belabor that point, but bad instructions and terrible response or lack thereof from one of the designers. A bit disappointing from a "BIG NAME" quilter. But then big name quilters get way more credit (sometimes) than they really deserve, but I digress. 

Then we had homework for the next month. Here are my finished blocks. There are four of each style - you just can't see them all.

Two of the blocks that are assigned this month

Here's the third block that assigned for this month. It's another freeform curved piecing block.

Two freeform curves this time

Again, I would change the instructions. With some of the blocks (especially with the freeform or improv cutting), I find that you have to be super careful or the finished block isn't the right size. Some of the pieces should have been more generous.

As promised to the group, here's a piece that I made (OK - so it's not finished) that was totally cut freeform. No rulers at all were used in this piece. It was a class with Ricky Tims.

Freeform curved piece 

I saw this fabric on the shelf at Oh Look Fabric. I almost caved, but I didn't. I have something similar at home and was making a gorgeous quilt from it. I need to dig that out to see if it's what I remember. I'll share with you. Then you can run to the store to buy it and make this gorgeous quilt. One fabric, super quilt!!!

LOVE LOVE this rainbow stripe

Well, lots of stuff is happening here. But I've run out of time this morning. I think I need to sit down later today and organize the next few days of blog posts. There are pictures on my phone, pictures on the camera, pictures that are already edited. I need to get that organized!!!

Have a g great day!!! 


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