Wednesday, May 15, 2019

While the cat's away................

I like to go to bed early and get up early. It's just what works best for me. However, since I'm not the only person living in the house, I need to be quiet when I get up early. It used to be OK when I sewed in Studio B because it was in the basement. At least Studio U is at the other end of the house.

However, I'm home alone this week. I know - I'm super excited, I mean sad, very sad to be home alone all week.

So when I woke up early this morning and was laying in bed thinking about what needed to be done today, I came up with a plan. I bounced out of bed and turned on the lights. The house was ablaze!

I need to tackle this. This  - being all the quilts that are in the upstairs hallway.

Quilts on the upstairs railing

Let's not forget the quilts on the spare bed.

Quilts on the spare bed

There was also a huge suitcase of quilts in the front hall downstairs. And I found some quilts in a drawer and I know there are a few more around the house. I'm rounding them all and going to start a project.

There are a few more in the basement that just needs a wee bit more quilting (they're already bound). It's time to deal with this mess and get it organized. I did a rough count. Any suggestions? There are about as many finished as there are in the "to be quilted" pile. ACK - where will I put those when they are quilted?

Let's not forget that there are still about 6 quilts at the magazine location. I don't give away many quilts, but I have given some away.

I also have a stack of small items that I've made. Nope - haven't given those away either! Oh my god - I'm a quilt hoarder! The problem is that I use a lot of the quilts in my trunk shows. Of course, there's a lot that I don't use either. My goal is to figure out a good way to store them so they are easily accessible to me when I need them. OH - and to enjoy them when I'm in the nursing home with dementia. People can come and chat about my quilts.

I'll share with you my plan as I get started.

I have class photos to share with you, but I also went to spin class this morning. OK - so because of various circumstances, it's been a while since I was there. It was a tad tough today! But I managed to cycle the equivalent of 27 KM. I'll probably pay the price later today when I'll need a nap. I'm OK with that. Hopefully, it'll be warm enough to have the nap outside.

Now I'm late - really late. While I have a lot of stuff to do today, it's all at a relaxed pace. I like relaxed!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!



  1. Another quilter/designer who's blog I follow has a really cool quilt storage room. You can see it in this post on her blog:
    Some major eye candy there!
    Enjoy your "lonely" days. I too get "really sad" when I have some time home alone. :)

    1. Linda -- thanks so much. That's very cool!!! Thanks for sharing. Elaine