Thursday, May 16, 2019

It's all about the rugs!

Earlier this week, I was in Lindsay doing an all-day workshop with the Lindsay Creative Quilters Guild. It was loads of fun and what a CREATIVE group of quilters. By the way - their quilt show is NEXT WEEKEND - May 24 and 25.

What did we do in the workshop? We started off with a two-hour lecture on binding a quilt by machine. I know - that sounds excessive, but I filled those two hours with loads of examples and techniques on perfecting the process of binding a quilt by machine.

Then we were onto making rugs! The jelly roll rug to be exact. I'm hoping that I snapped a photo of everyone's colors - what fun to see what others come up with for their rug.

There are three different shapes of the rugs - the original oval, the rectangular one, and the more recent circular. The group got to choose between the oval or the rectangular one. If any of you have made one of these rugs, you know that it can be challenging and technically you make your big ball of "yarn" and then sew it together. Let's just say that we got very creative in how the rugs went together.

This is what happened...............

Here is my oval rug that I made a while back. I technically haven't used it as it has been at a store since I finished it. Here's the link to my blog post when I made this one.

Oval jelly roll rug

I gave the remainder of that fabric collection to a fellow quilter. I heard from her the other day that she is going to start a Dear Jane with it!!! I can't wait to see the blocks!!!!

This is half of my rectangular jelly roll rug. Here's my blog post when I worked on this one. I think the leftovers from this one are still in the bucket. Because it's orange, it's unlikely that that fabric will be up for grabs! All the tubes are made and I really must get the darn thing done. Maybe on Friday when I have a sew day???

My rectangular jelly roll rug - oops make that HALF of my rug

I didn't get the names of everyone in the class so no names. So sorry Lindsay quilters!!!  We have to remember that not everyone works at the same pace. I'm good with that. I always teach to each person's speed, rather than have the rest of the class waiting. And because we were working on two different styles and different methods within the styles - the end results are quite varied!

This rug is made from Kansas Troubles strips. I do believe it was a jelly roll. She's going to alternate the lights and darks. A couple of strips of lights and a couple of strips of darks. It's going to be oval.

Some of the tubing made for an oval jelly roll rug

Next up, we have a very smart person! She used FLANNEL for her strips. She had scraps of flannel at home and is going to make a mat for her cat. It's going to be square or rectangular so each width of fabric yielded two tubes. This is such a great idea. I wonder if Murphy would like this???

Tubes made from flannel
This next one was also from a jelly roll. The colors are GORGEOUS!!!!  The strips got joined together during the day.

Gorgeous colors

The next one is going to be a rectangular rug and a number of strips got made. Very pretty colors and I light the variety of the lights, mediums, and darks.

Nice colors and good value contrast

How about a little glitz in your jelly roll rug? All of these fabrics have some glitz on them. It's going to be a rectangular rug and looks pretty spiffy!!

Glitzy strips
The fabric for this rug was purchased a number of years ago. She was going to make a chenille rug. That never happened so now it's going to be a jelly roll rug. The fabric we're talking about is the one with the flowers on it. And then every second strip is something that matches. I LOVE this idea. Matter of fact, I have a huge hunk of fabric that I had bought to make into a chenille rug! I might just dig it out! This rug is going to be rectangular.

Soft pastels 
 Batiks also make perfect rugs!!  This one is going to be amazing!!  She is going to make the oval rug and focused on getting the batting into her strips.

Starting the big ball of "yarn:

Here's the center part of an oval rug. Those darn corners at the beginning are so tricky!! But this is looking great and the colors get progressively darker as the rug moves to the outside.

Good start for the oval rug
Here's another rectangular rug. This one is made from Christmas fabric. How cool is that! It's hard to see, but she's using three different colors of thread on the rug. I love it!!!

Christmas fabric

Doesn't this scream spring? It's so pretty. I'm don't do pretty, but I love this one. It's fresh - maybe that's why I like it. Anyway, the center is done. That's the worst part. The rest is easy!!!!

Another center - done!!!

Next up is a rug made with solids. I know - who would have thought! This is going to be an oval rug and starts off with those hot colors in the center and moves to the darker colors as the rug gets bigger.
She was focusing on making the tubes in class.

Bright solids cover the rainbow
 And then there's one in every class! She was just zipping along and the rug is gorgeous!!!!  It's also made with solids, but all different shades of green. Very clever!!!!

Great progress made on the rug

Yes - that's it. There were 12 in the class. OK - I'm sending a note to Pam, the coordinator. If anyone finishes their rug, I want to post the pictures!!!!  Isn't that awesome! It really was a fun day. Thanks to the Lindsay Creative Quilters Guild for hosting me!!!

OH -- I forgot to mention that the binding lecture was in the morning. Some people came just for that. In the afternoon, we got a text from one of the quilters who had been there that morning. She tried one of the tips and it worked like a charm!!!  How's that for putting new knowledge to work right away!!!!

This has never happened in our house for a very, very long time. Look at that upstairs hallway. It's bare - it's empty. This is how it would look if the house were going to be sold which it is NOT. It echos and it's nasty!!!

The empty hallway

And if DH is following my blog while he's away, he's probably wondering what the heck I did with all those quilts.  Oh - I'm going to let him wonder. But have a look at this quilt storage option. Thanks to Linda for sharing that link. Hmm - I do have the room. Do I have the nerve?????

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. I got my block finished for our block exchange. I'll be dropping it off later today. I'm all caught up until I get the next block at the end of the month. Only three more blocks to go and we'll be done. The idea is to exchange them at our retreat in November. That way if anyone is behind, they have a wee bit of time to catch up. But I think everyone has pretty much kept up. I love working on these quilts. The key is to remember to NOT take on several at one time. That's way too much. One per year I can handle.

Oh - I see Lexi has posted something on her blog today as well.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!



  1. Wow! Your hallways looks huge! Maybe you should make a big rectangular rug for the floor. I think it might take 5 jelly rolls? LOL! And I love the ideas for storing the quilts, thanks for the link. BTW where did you put all the quilts from the banisters?

    1. Hey Judith - that hallway is so big, Rudi would fit in if the ceilings were higher!! Certainly making a rug for that space would get rid of a lot of fabric. Not happening!!! I'd have to kill you if I told you where the quilts are!!! Just wait! ET