Tuesday, May 28, 2019

UFO show n tell

Last year, I decided that it was time for us to get our UFOs under control. Goodness knows that we all (OK - a lot of us) have the darn things!!!  I have several very large projects that I would really like to get out of the way. Once I get these larger ones out of the way (which at the rate I'm going will take years!), then some of those smaller ones with only piecing will go much faster!

Our UFO group met on Sunday to see how many of us got our homework done! Let's have a look.

Susan didn't get her homework done. I know how it is - we think we have loads of time and next thing you know - it's the night before the due date and well - there's no way it's going to happen!!!

Since it's summer, Susan decided she would tackle a handwork project for the next due date. These are some English paper piecing blocks that she's working on. I believe she has 20 to make for the entire quilt and has fourteen made so far which impressed all of us!! She started this project last year so that's amazing that she's this far along. The blocks are from a quilt called Mandolin.

Some of Susan's 14 blocks

Susan's goal for next month is to complete one more block. Not that we didn't trust her, but we wanted to know how we would know that she accomplished that goal???  So she sent me this picture of the pieces for that next block. OK - remember - everyone - it has that bright pink near the center!!!

Susan's homework block
Shelly has been working on this poodle quilt for the last couple of months. Her goal for the last month was to get it finished which meant the quilting and a label. It's finished!!! It is quilted, bound and labeled.

The front of the poodle quilt
 All the reject blocks went on the back.
The back of the poodle quilt

The label is handstitched in place

But what blew me away was the quilting. Shelly did this on her domestic sewing machine. She says she cheated by using a paper template to stitch the dog paws. I don't call that cheating at all. It's a way to get the quilt done and that's all we really care about. I'm super impressed because I seriously thought it had been done on a long arm. Awesome job Shelly. The quilt is going to be a gift for someone.

Quilting on Shelly's quilt

Shelly's homework for this coming month is to fix two cushions on her sofa. AH - she inherited a dog that loves to eat and couch cushions are very tasty if you're a dog! She's also going to finish off 6 Christmas stockings. They are in various stages of completion.

Shelly provided proof of what the work she wants to get done this month. That's a LOT of couch cushions to fix. I think the dog needs more food!!!!

Couch cushions to fix

And one more couch cushion to fix

And a third - yikes!!!

Shelly's partially completed stockings

Ronda is working on Amish with a Twist II. She got the four middle sections completed. Yeah!!!
Her goal for next month is to assemble the four corners.

Ronda's homework - Amish with a Twist II

Linda has completed her Luminary quilt! This was part of a challenge at her local quilt. If you check the link to the original pattern, you can see that Linda has changed it up! It looks great. Those colors and that fractured look are awesome.

Linda's Luminary quilt
She used fluffy stuff on the back and the quilting looks great. Gorgeous wavey lines.

The wavey quilt lines

Then Linda brought out not one, not two, but THREE projects that she wants to work on next. Hmm - given the fact that the Luminary quilt was to be completed in March, we all wondered the logic to that. This is one of the projects she brought. It's a raw edge New York Beauty block.

Raw Edge New York Beauty table runner

She likes it so much, she wanted to make another one for herself but in neutrals, as you can see in the photo below.

The start of a new table runner

She also brought a quilt that she had just started that she wanted to make for someone and she was working on another quilt that she had just started in a workshop. We all voted that she work on the quilt that is going to be a gift. That's her priority. However, I'm noticing that Linda isn't technically working on UFOs????  I know she has UFOs. I just know it. We'll have to quiz her next month about her choice of UFOs!!!! Hey - as long as things are getting complete - that's OK, but we should be focusing on those UFOs in addition to our other projects.

Elaine completed her top for the Post Cards from New Zealand. I think that was the name - anyway, the kit had been purchased while she was on vacation. Now the quilt top is done!!! Looks awesome and so interesting to see the native New Zealand images on the fabrics.

Postcards from New Zealand quilt top - DONE

Now she's pulled out Stitcher's Garden. Some blocks are done but as you can see, there are holes. Her goal for next month is to get those four center blocks together. She has to put a frame around each block and sew them together. I love the nice bright colors on this one.
Elaine's Stitcher Garden in progress

Lynne's goal was to get this machine embroidered piece done. And it's finished - completely. It's from Anita Goodesign and made with fleece. It was made in sections but you can't tell that from the picture.

Lynne's machine embroidery applique wall hanging - DONE
Her project for the coming month is a Sew-Along by Border Creek Station that she participated in last year. The blocks are all finished but she needs to sew them together. A wee glitch in the pressing was discovered and we found a fix for that. That does bug me when a pattern designer includes a pressing plan with the pattern and the pressing plan is WRONG!!!!  Don't believe everything you read in a pattern!! So her goal is to do some unsewing and then get one row of the quilt together.

Let's Be Friends Sew Along blocks

Sharon got her quilt top done!!!! It's so exciting to see the tops get finished or the quilts get completely off the UFO list. Sharon was also working on Stitcher's Garden. Her goal was to get the borders on and there were a lot of them.

Stitcher's Garden - top is DONE
 We had discussed the borders in the last UFO class and gave our opinion and Sharon went home and made it all happen!!!!

The borders look gorgeous

Her goal for the upcoming month is to finish one block from a Piecemaker's Calendar quilt that she started years ago. I think it's the train quilt from 2000.

Let's see - oh yes - we have Diane who participates via correspondence!

I'm certain that Diane had two goals this past month. I'm going to have to get her to e-mail me the details - no more verbal stuff. There's way too much going on in my head to remember. But doesn't matter - she has a quilt top done and that's good enough for me. This was the July Shop Hop quilt from last year I think.

July shop hop quilt

Again - I can't remember what her homework was. I'll have to get on her case about that! But Diane is a machine - if she says she going to get it done - she usually makes two quilts instead of just one!

Liz wasn't here either but had her homework completed. Her homework was to get the center of the quilt together. Here's the center.

The center of the quilt - DONE

Here's a picture of the quilt top so you can see that's a fairly big piece above.

A picture of the quilt top
 Here's her homework for the month. She needs to make FOUR of these blocks. I know she mentioned something about trying to get the quilt top together, but I'm going to hold her at making the four blocks.

Make four blocks for next month

Let's see - Laura and Dede weren't here and neither of them had their homework done.

OK - so I didn't have my homework completed either.

My partially completed homework

I made a valiant effort, but I had other homework to get done for my classes. Lesson learned!!!  Make sure all the homework is completed before goofing off!!!  My homework for next month is to finish these two blocks. Oh - that's all I wrote down. I think that's the important thing - don't choose to do too much. Look at your time and then decide on a goal based on the time.

And that is it for UFO group this month. It's pretty exciting to see these UFOs get completed and I think they wouldn't be advancing at all if it weren't for the UFO group. We've even decided to meet in the summer! That's how dedicated we are to get some stuff completed. We now have $80 in the kitty but that's OK. I think we'll all get the hang of it and hopefully, that's all the money that will be in the kitty at the end of the year.

We've got THREE weeks until the next meeting. Good luck to everyone!!!!

Yes - we'll be running the UFO club next year. Depending on the number of people, we may need a second group. 10 - 12 is just a perfect number.

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I'm wondering if the estate sale was from a store that closed. It seems so strange that one quilter would have so much. I couldn't find anything on the page that said it was actually a quilter who passed away.

    1. But I don't know of any stores that closed in that area. I'll check with some of the guild members and see if they know.