Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tidy up time

The other day when I was supposed to be doing paperwork, I decided that these two boxes needed to be addressed. Actually, there were three boxes in the stack.

Boxes that need to be addressed

These are boxes that were brought home from my work - a good year and a half ago. Time to get rid of them.

Step one was to put everything on the kitchen table and the kitchen island. I love standing when I do this task and the kitchen island is perfect for it.

Empty the boxes into the kitchen
Then I sorted stuff into like piles. There was some technology. A small laptop and a keyboard for an iPad.

Technology stuff found in the boxes
I found a sketchbook and some notebooks. 

Sketchbook and notebooks
Of course, there would be magazines.

 A couple of books.
 Some entertainment things - coloring books and pencil crayons and a sudoku book.

Fun things
 Here are two stacks. The one on the left is some catalogs that I picked up at Quilt Markets or other shows. The stack on the right is stuff picked up from pattern designers. Technically, I don't need any of this stuff, but I want to go through it before it goes in the recycling. I like to keep some ideas for inspiration. Although I don't really reference it much. I can never find it is probably the biggest reason.

Stuff to go through

I found some calendars and list keepers.


I found these cutoffs from panels. Do not judge me, but if anyone is working with a panel and has the instructions that they don't want (once you're finished with the panel of course), let me know. I want some more of these instructions.

Instructions from panels

I found all this product. There were FQ bundles, layer cakes (two of them), quilting gloves, thread, patterns. Totally crazy!!!!

Patterns and fabric

And I found a license plate for Row by Row!!!

Row by Row license plate

There's more, but that will have to wait for another day.

So what happened to it all? The license plate went with the rest of my collection. The patterns and fabric are waiting to go downstairs to be put in their respective places. The panel instructions are waiting for more. That's going into an active design pile. The calendars are in a giveaway box. They don't have dates on them so it's OK. The rest of the stuff has gone into the respective homes for those things.

At some point, I'll be going through those piles and getting rid of what I don't want. My goal is to try and get all the like things together. Then I can start to really pitch and purge. But there's a LOT of junk paper that I'd like to get rid of first. Then I can get into the other stuff.

I think I found a home for the cloth bags that were in the pile you saw yesterday. Going to sort through those today and get rid of them to a local food bank! Yes - I can hardly wait to get rid of those. It will happen!!!!!

I might go through a box of paper today. I'll see how it goes.

I was very naughty yesterday. Even though I had a lot of work to do and I did do some, I spent a good part of the afternoon outside! In that damn gazebo with a book. I know - you're thinking I'm really crazy because it wasn't warm yesterday. Nope - I was out there with a quilt and a pillow! OK - so I had a wee nap! I must have looked like the folks we see portrayed in movies that have a sanitorium scene! Covered in a quilt and sitting outside! That's me!!! 

I finally had a good night's sleep and I've already been working in Studio U this morning. Today, it's going to be totally focused all day. I've got a lot to do and I'm pumped to get it done. The book will just have to wait until after dinner!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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