Friday, May 10, 2019

In the bag

I know that some of who follow my blog are probably saying to yourselves - just get over this tidying up process so we can focus on quilting!

Only those that have houses that are super tidy are allowed to say that!  Judith - you can say that! I think that all of us struggle with stuff. I would love to just get through it all. I'm getting there and the more that I get rid of, the better I feel. The more you let go, the easier it is to let go of other things. By the end of the year! That's my goal to have the office tidy. OH GOD - did I just put that on paper?

Anyway, I was practically jumping for joy yesterday!

After posting the pictures of the bag situation in the basement, I got an e-mail. Jane would love to have all the reusable bags for the food bank. DONE! I ran downstairs and this is what I found.

Here's the bag of bags that was in question.

A huge bag of bags

There were some IKEA bags in that bag. I think there were four in total. Perfect. Those are going to be very useful when we start moving stuff in the basement. I kept those.

IKEA bags

Oh my - I found this beautiful messenger bag with bicycles all over it. It's brand new. I'm keeping that for the moment. The problem is that I cannot put anything on just one shoulder. I'm good with a backpack, I'm good with carrying in my hand, but NOTHING goes on just one shoulder. I'm going to see if I can modify the strap to make it shorter (I'm sure that is super easy) and then use it as a small briefcase. Not for travel, but for classes or something. It's too nice to give away or get rid of and I probably spend a lot of money on it.

Bicycle messenger bag

Then I found quite a few reusable bags with bicycles on them. I kept those. They will also come in handy for the move and I should be using them for retreats and other things.

Reusable bags with bicycles on them
Oh dear - I can across these two totes. One was brand new with the price tag still on. They were from Project Runway and bought from Fabricland. I don't want them, didn't need them. I'll ask Jane when she comes.

Two Project Runway totes

Oh  - it gets worse. I found these. Three are Laurel Birch bags. Two of them are brand new with the price tags still on. One has been used a lot as you can see from the bottom, but I think if I take it apart, I can use the side panels and make a zippered pouch. And I couldn't get rid of that orange tote bag. I kept all these bags.

These bags I'm keeping

Oh - I remember this. This was from years ago. Mary made the zippered pouches for me when I was at a retreat. I don't like that humbug bag - the one on the left. It's such an awkward shape. If I take the two end seams out and resew it, it'll be much better. I might actually use these. Completely forgot about them. You see this huge bag of bags was in the infrequently used storage room. The pile got higher and higher! The plan is to keep that room as a storage room, but everything is going to be easily accessible or it doesn't go in the storage room!

Zippered pouches

After sorting through the IKEA bag, I bundled up all the paper shopping bags. There is ONE huge bag of them. I know someone who was looking for this kind of bag - I just have to remember to take them with me in June when I'll see this person. Plus there's another bag of bags hanging on the wall in the electrical room. I'll ask first, but then both bags will get bundled up and moved out!

A bag of paper bags
There are even two ORANGE Hermes bags in there. DH bought me a couple of scarves there at one point when he thought he could dress me up!

Jane came by later in the day and this is what she went home with. There were some very NICE reusable bags in that whole lot. She even took the Project Runway totes. Gone - gone - gone!!!!! Yep - I did the happy dance after this small achievement.

Reusable bags on their way out the door

After she left, I thought - oh shoot - I have one more bag she could have had. This is my "book bag". It's the bag I use when I walk to do my errands. Not a very special bag. 

My boring 'errand" bag
Look at what I found in that bag of bags??  Yep - that says Stonehenge and YES - it came from the gift shop at Stonehenge in England when M and I were there a few years ago. I'm going to use this bag as my new errand bag. 

My new errand bag

A HUGE HUGE thank you to Jane who came and picked up those bags!!!  You're the best and they're gone. No regrets and someone is going to get some pretty nice reusable bags from the food bank. A win-win for everyone.

My new thing - do NOT EVER buy another bag. I don't care how pretty it is or how appropriate it is or how cheap it is - I do NOT ever need another bag.

I have my Everyday Totes as well (the ones that I've made) and those are great for projects. I do NOT need another bag.

Do you want a good laugh? We have reusable bags for the grocery store. I popped out to get something for dinner and yes - you guessed it - I left the darn bags at home and had to buy two plastic bags. GRRR!!!  We do reuse those for our garbage but still!

I did manage to plow through some paperwork that had been languishing for a long time. Most of it is completed and I hope to get the rest out the door this morning. Well - in my outbox this morning. That will be fabulous!! I can't wait for that to happen.

There was lots of sewing and embroidering going on yesterday. I managed to keep my hands off the book until after dinner. I finished it before I went to bed. Oh boy - I've got to stop this reading thing! A 400-page book in 48 hours! Oh well - I love to read. The ending was a bit weird. This would be a good one for a book club. Did he or didn't he??? And who is he anyway???  The book is called The Suspect by Fiona Barton. Notice how some authors are writing books that are making us think?? There are times when you just want a mystery that gets wrapped up at the end. This is NOT that kind of book.

I see Miss Lexi has been blogging again this morning.

On that note, I'm out of here. Another busy day!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Wow! That's a lot of bags that were hidden and you're keeping alot. I don't recall if you walk or drive to the grocery store. I keep my bags in the backseat of my car so I always have them handy. I take them in any store, not just for groceries. As soon as I've unloaded them, right back to the car they go. Food for thought!

    1. Elle -- You are so right!!! I need to put the bags in the car, not at the front door because sometimes, I make an unplanned trip to the grocery store. I'm running to the front door to set out one bag for my car. Thanks!!!!

  2. I keep all my shopping bags in my car. (Of course I don't have as many as you do.) I only go grocery shopping every 10 days or 2 weeks. It takes more than one bag when I shop, so I keep all my bags in the car. I have insulated bags for cold stuff and regular bags for other stuff that doesn't need to stay cold. I use one of the big insulated bags for a carrier and stuff all the other bags inside it. That way they stay together and are compact in the back of my car. Store them where you need them and are going to use them.