Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Running away from home

OK - so technically, I'm not running away from home, but I'm not home. I was invited to speak at a guild last night - the Lakeshore Quilting Guild in Port Hope. What a great group of ladies! And when they started to do the show n tell, I thought that this was the guild show n tell. NO - that was the community projects show n tell. It was pretty neat and then the members show n tell was even more spectacular. Always amazing me at how much people dress like they quilt! Someone was showing some purple quilts and she was dressed head to toe in purple!!! Today, I'm doing a workshop so I just stayed over with a friend. Thanks to Susan and Bob for their hospitality!

This is such a nice little town - it's definitely one that you could retire to if one were going to retire. I'm not ready yet! I'm not sure that I could ever move to a small town. Part of me wants to, but the other part of me is ingrained in the big city. Which is totally silly when I think of how much I "use" the services of the big city.

Yesterday as I was winging my way through the big city to get here, I realized that while I had edited the photos for the blog, I had forgotten to upload them to the internet. So no pictures today.

I did stop at Annie's Quilting shop in Newcastle. It's located in a very quaint little setting which is actually part of the house that sits on the property. I've been there several times in a car and on my bike. I remember the first time we visited the place - it was totally weird as there was a skeleton in the car in the yard. Yep - a skeleton, but probably not a real one! I didn't see the skeleton yesterday, but OK - I did buy a couple of patterns. Hey - I'm allowed!
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Annie's Quilt shop

Not that I've been in the shop a whole lot, but I had never noticed the elaborate trim on the inside of the front door. I took a picture to share with you. Apparently, the spot where the shop is located used to be the dining room of the house. There's a "hidden" door that connects the shop to the house. OK - so technically it's not a hidden door, just that the door is now hidden behind the fixtures in the shop. 

They've had a medium in the shop as well which is kind of neat. Would be fun to do a seance in the house. 

Here's a link to a story about Docville.  There's a picture of the owner. OK -- he doesn't look anything like I thought he'd look like. I thought he was an old guy. This guy doesn't look that old. Funny how our minds work. 

There are so many interesting little places like this around that one could spend all kinds of time checking them out. That's my plan this summer - to try and fit in some day trips to small places like this. I just had an ENTIRE week freed up in July and quite frankly, I'm quite happy about it! 

Well, I guess I should get myself moving. Although I've already been up for hours, writing. 

Don't forget to check out QUILTsocial today. More super tips on free motion quilting. And if it means that we can all get one more project finished, then it's worth reading!!!  Oh yes - there's some fun technology stuff today and a behind-the-scenes shot of how I take some pictures for the blog.  

Have a super day!


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