Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The investigative quilter

I've had my computerized long arm for about a year. I had some issues last year and well, they're not quite fixed, but we're getting closer. And at least I know how to fix the issue now - sort of.

Things have been working fine for quite a while, but yesterday? Well - I had three problems on ONE row! Twice the computer stopped mid-pattern and just went crazy (not stitching and not with the needle in the quilt - thankfully). Both times, I was able to wiggle some wires and get back in business.

The third time, I had to change the bobbin and the computer wouldn't go back to the same spot to restart the pattern. ACK!!!  What to do? What to do?  I'm happy to report that I was able to manually get the computer back to the correct spot and no one would be the wiser that there were a few issues.

I'm going to go back to the support team with my new findings to see what they say. But all in all, I'm happy that I'm figuring out how to get back in business within minutes! It's all about a leap of faith!

I edited a whole pile of pictures yesterday and set them up in folders. Therefore, I've no idea what I was going to chat about today until I opened the folder!

The other day, I was on a roll. I got that orange rug together. I still have to finish off the ends. And wouldn't you know it, when I was looking in the drawer for something, I found a huge stash of bobbins. Shoot - I forgot those bobbins were there and yes - I found that bobbin with the orange thread that I needed to finish the rug.

My bobbin with the orange thread

I'm glad that I found it because it bugs me when I can't find things. Notice that it was in the right spot - I just didn't look there. I ended up using the bobbin for another project that I was making with orange fabric. More on that another day.

Anyway, I'm on a roll. After having investigated bags and bags of projects in the basement and hauled some of them upstairs, I want to get this huge mess under control. Many of these projects are close to being finished. What was I thinking?? It's almost like I'm unable to finish something. I can advance it and get it close, but I can't finish. Why is that? Did I have some traumatic experience? I laugh about it, but it's a serious issue!!! I'm overwhelmed and it's my stuff. Imagine if it were someone who didn't sew???? There will be NO buying new projects in this house. EVER or so it would seem.

As I was digging through the bucket of stuff for that orange rug, I came across this stack of blue fabric. The fabric had been put in the bucket with the premise of making a blue rug. I don't need one and I shouldn't be starting a new project, but I have all these batting strips cut so I NEED to make a new rug for that reason alone.

Blue fabric for a rug

So - I got busy and started cutting strips.

Cutting strips of fabric for a jelly roll rug

And here are my strips. The photo does not do justice to the blues. They are beautiful and left over from a Quilt Market project made with Northcott fabrics several years ago. The collection is called Nature Studies (Artisan Spirit). The color is Indigo.

Strips read for a jelly roll rug

I have a bucket full of batting strips that are cut to 2 ½". These came from the cutoff edges when trimming quilts. I have a HUGE garbage bag filled with batting that needs to be trimmed down. My guess is that I have enough strips to make two rugs once everything gets trimmed.

Bucket of batting strips

This is what's left over after I cut the strips for my rug. I don't want it. I could keep it for my new project for next year, but I already have a ton of stuff to work with. So - if anyone wants this - you're welcome to it. I would prefer to pass it to someone locally so it doesn't have to be mailed. The cost for mailing will likely be $20 - at least. There is a lot of the STRIP-R fabric - you can see that on the Northcott link that I included above. While there are some chunks of fabric, there are also some smaller pieces and strips. If no one wants it, it goes into my project pile for 2020. Remember - YOU pay the postage if you want it sent to you.

Leftover fabric

Speaking of losing things, I got a little worried yesterday. I was working on a quilt and basting the bottom edge in place before I did the final row. I ended up with a tuck and I needed to fix it so I got out my tools - my seam ripper and my forceps (for pulling threads). When I was finished, I couldn't find the darn seam ripper. Where the heck did it go?? It is caught in the quilt??? I searched and searched but couldn't find it anywhere. I checked the quilt NUMEROUS times. The seam ripper is NOT inside the quilt!!

A tuck that needs to be ripped out

After the job, the seam ripper was missing from the tool tray.

The forceps
 I went ahead and finished the quilt. Once I took the quilt off the machine, the seam ripper magically appeared. Of course! It must have been caught in the extra batting and the canvas leaders, but I checked there and couldn't find the darn thing.

The seam ripper!!!! OUTSIDE the quilt

I got a lot done yesterday and you'll see that later this week. I also did a lot of moving stuff and a lot of thinking about what to do with various things and how to get it all done. And with all the various jobs that I do, I'm trying to double up the reason for finishing a project. It works for me and works for the magazines that I submit to!!!  Speaking of which, I do have several more deadline quilts that need to be sewn, but those will have to wait until next week. This week, I've some quilting to do!

Oh - I see that Miss Lexi has blogged again this morning. Something about Murphy no doubt.

Seriously - when is it going to warm up?? It was too chilly to sit outside yesterday.

And even if you're not a cyclist, you have to watch this video. It's hilarious. I LOVE Danny Macaskill. He is a super cyclist.

On that note, have a great day!!!!



  1. I would love to have those blues to add to my Dear Jane at Sea quilt! I've finally started using the aquas, I'll send a picture. And yes, I'm willing to pay the postage. terri-fisher at shaw dot com

    1. Terri -- sorry - the blues are already gone! Can't wait to see a picture of what you've done with the aquas.