Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The quilt is in the mail!

We've all complained if things don't go right. But do we really appreciate the times when things go right? Do we remember those times?? I try to - those are the kind of things that we should be grateful for. I know some people have gratitude journals. I guess my blog is my gratitude journal.

Anyway - I was busy as a bee at the long arm yesterday. I had barely started to quilt when BAM - that long arm stopped. Just like it did when I was having issues last year. BUT - I know how to fix the problem. The covers are still not attached so it was easy to go to the back of the machine and wiggle the loose wire and PRESTO - I was back in business within less than one minute. I don't know why that one wire is loose and not sure how to fix it. Doesn't matter - I know how to fix it!

I must remember to tell my Dad because he's always asking "how's the quilting machine?" I'm going to send him a picture to see if he can help me make it more solid. It's not loose per se, but it has to be as every once in a while it jiggles away from the connection. 

I started at 9 and was half done by lunchtime. Right on schedule. Then back to the long arm after a quick bite. The quilt was off the machine and the binding on by 3:15. Thank goodness for learning how to put the binding on by machine. I ripped through the stack of quilts upstairs and found a quilt sleeve that was the right length and pinned to a quilt. That came off and was pinned to the new quilt.

Half of the sleeve was sewn down before I had to do an errand for DH. Then back home where traffic wasn't so bad but gosh rush hour sure starts early!

The sleeve got sewn on and I was on my way to the UPS store. I even stopped for gas on the way. I arrived to find this.

The truck was outside the store picking up the packages. Shoot - I won't make it, but that was OK. My goal was to get the quilt to the store so it could go today as I won't have time today to get to the UPS store. I walked in and the girl said: "oh good timing - that'll go on the truck!".  That was 5:30 PM.

The UPS truck picking up at the UPS store

She hustled to get the paperwork ready. Easy when all my information is always the same. The package left yesterday!!!   Right on schedule. Now that was a good thing and I'm truly grateful how that scenario worked out. I posted that picture last night on IG and can you believe???  That store is owned by someone's uncle!!  Too funny! I'll have to hurry to get my next parcel in so I can introduce myself!!

Here's what the quilting looked like on the quilt. I absolutely love it! Actually, I wasn't sure how the quilt would turn out, but it looks awesome.

The quilting on the magazine quilt
That is finish number 12 for the year. A far cry from what I did last year. I don't think I'll make one hundred this year, but that's OK. I'm getting things done and that's all that counts.

I thought I would share with you some of the patterns that I picked up at the Windsor Quilt Show. I see that I picked up five. Not that I need any new patterns, but I like these and the price was right. One or two might be duplicates. I'll let you know!

Patterns found at the Windsor Quilt Show

This is super cute!!!!

An older pattern, but great for inspiration. And I saw a chenille quilt at the quilt show and it was gorgeous. I found this pattern and then I bought some chenille at the quilt shop in Windsor - Quilting Confections. I'm all set!!

Two more patterns

Now I have a wee bit of downtime before the next deadline! Not much, but a wee bit. But I'm on a roll. I'm hyped! I can't wait to dig into the next project. And it's time to get some stuff finished. Why am I not finishing anything? Oh - I know. Because I have those SIX big projects that I'm working on and there just isn't time to get anything else done. But two of those are almost done. I've got a sewing day planned for Friday - my goal? To finish at least one thing!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!


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