Sunday, May 29, 2022

A NEW retreat house

I'm not even sure where to start. Yesterday was a whirlwind day - yet again! How the heck does that happen? 

The two classes went perfectly as they should as I was prepared; however, I realized that not only did I not like the fabric that I had put on one block -- one of the components was turned around. No wonder I didn't like it! Once I make the new block - I'll share it with you. 

My presentation on HSTs went very well, and I squeezed a bit of picture taking between the classes and when I had to start the demo. I finished at 12:29 -- the Zoom link opened at 12:30! 

The demo was over at 2:01, and I was in the car at 2:03. Good grief --- how is that for a crazy day? But I was off to the open house at Spring House Retreat. This is a new retreat house that is opening soon new New Hamburg. I stopped to pick up Diane along the way. She lives about a 10-minute drive away!

I saw pictures of the house online and had already booked dates for 2022 and 2023. Was there really a need for me to go there? Not really, but what the heck. OMG --- As we drove up the long driveway from the road, I was already in love with the house. And when we stepped inside, my jaw dropped. 

The house is HUGE and GORGEOUS. It's beautifully decorated, totally modernized, and looks better than my own house! We spent a great deal of time chatting with the owners, and well, I didn't want to leave. Everything we could ask for is in this house. AND MORE!

There's a barn block on the front porch. YES - a fantastic wrap-around porch on the front, with a couple of comfy chairs. Let's not forget the fire pit in the front yard surrounded by red lawn chairs. OK -- I was in love before I walked in. 

The barn block

A well-stocked pantry with appliances for cooking -- should we dare to stop sewing long enough to cook. 

Well-stocked appliances

I didn't take pictures of the entire house -- you can view them online. But here I am in the sewing room. OMG   --- I swear the first house we went to in Bracebridge (Quilter's MisBeehaven) could fit into this sewing room! There are TWELVE 6-foot tables in the room -- one for each of the quilters (the house sleeps a maximum of 12), FOUR ironing boards, and two large cutting tables. There are many windows, and the whole room could be closed off by two barn doors (you can see them on the left of the photo). Beautiful comfy chairs. Yep --- I want to move in, and I could cook or be the scullery maid -- anything! The place is STUNNING. 

The sewing room at Spring House Retreat

And here I am as I RELUCTANTLY left the house. Diane needed to get to church! I can't say enough about the size and quality of the house, and the owners were so friendly. Hello to Kathy and Nancy. And their husbands -- or at least we met one husband. 

The front door of Spring House Retreat

Seriously --- if you haven't been to a retreat before, this house will spoil you for all others. I have booked a weekend in August (do NOT tell DH). I'm already in the doghouse for the number of days I'm away. Lexi and Murphy would LOVE to be here (no pets allowed) -- there is a small stream on the property and walking trails, and -- well, is it August yet? 

Then I was back home and off to the Virtual Retreat! When I signed off at 9:30 PM, I was off to bed. So I didn't get much done -- from having things to show, but what a day of excitement. WOW!!!!

I was so excited that I was awake at ridiculous o'clock this morning, and after a bit, I just got up! I tackled stuff in Studio B. First off was to pack up this fabric. Some of it for Comfy Cases -- I have several bands for pillowcases but no pillowcase bodies. I don't have time to work on them, and Cathy does. So I'm going to drop the bag of supplies at her house. 

Fabric packed up and ready to go

The other five bags go to Diane (a different Diane), and I'll be ferrying them to her house this week. One or two bags at a time as I get in my walk. I'll pick up some quilt tops each time, and life is good!!! 

Then I decided to tackle the bag with the flannel quilts in it. Here's the one with the applique. It needs two borders, and I cut one border this morning, and I have to go shopping for the second. I have fabric, but I don't have enough for the outer border and binding, or the color is a bit too bright. So I'll add that to my shopping list. 

One of my flannel quilts

It's a good thing I pulled the other quilt out with just the squares. More on that tomorrow. Shoot -- I thought I took a picture of the cutting table. It's much better than yesterday, and it really didn't take long to get it that way. That's the beauty of everything having a home. I'm so excited I could burst! 

I also sorted through a box where I keep general quilting information. I had to dig through it to prep for my presentation on HSTs. I found patterns for TWO quilts made with Thangles, and I will never make them, so the paper is now sitting in my recycling box for the printer. There is more paper in that box that I could have recycled, but baby steps! The box's lid now closes -- something it has not done for years! 

Two patterns in the recycling

Well, I see it's time to go. I have so much paperwork to catch up on, and the week ahead is pretty wide open. In the sense that I do not have many appointments or commitments, but the amount of work? That will keep me busy. WOW -- I just checked, and there is NOTHING on the calendar until June 12. I have Monday sewing, but NO classes, NO demos, NOTHING. But I have plans, so that time MUST be used wisely. 

Don't forget that TODAY is a Virtual Retreat  --- all day. We start at 10 AM and go until whenever. Join to say hi or stay awhile - when you need to escape the heat from outside. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!


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