Saturday, May 28, 2022

How many photos are too many?

 I sewed for a good part of the day, but I was in slow motion mode, and that's OK. I managed to get all the homework done for the class last night and the two classes this morning. OK -- that's a lie. While I did get the homework done for last night and the presentation went together, I still need to make 7 more blocks for The Butterfly quilt. I was thinking I'm doing great - I've got everything cut. Then I realized that we needed to make EIGHT blocks, not four, so back to the cutting table!

I'll try to cut them today, so I can sew them at the Virtual Retreat tonight. Then I could say that I'm up to date with The Butterfly Quilt. Here's my one block -- only 7 more to go. I'll be teaching that quilt starting in October through Thimbles and Things, so if you're not in the class now, watch for their newsletter (in August???), so get signed up! It's an EASY quilt to sew, and now tons of homework each month. Very manageable! 

A block for The Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt

I completed the homework for the two classes this morning, but I want to remake one of the blocks. One of the fabrics I used -- well, it's a bit sketchy. The pattern on the fabric is all wrong, and it needs to be redone. 

Then I have a class on half-square triangles today. Well, it's a demo. Now -- I know you're thinking -- why would you do an hour demo on half-square triangles? There are many methods to making half-square triangles, and I'll cover that, but it's WHAT you can do with them that will be the fun part of this demo. I have TONS of ideas to share. And best of all -- it's free!! You need to be on The Hobby Horse newsletter to get the Zoom link for that one! It's probably too late, as the link was sent on Thursday. 

So if you are NOT on their newsletter, you should because I'll be continuing with the free demos in the fall. This is the last one before summer. Anway-- that presentation is almost finished. The pictures are in, and I need to organize them and maybe sneak in a couple of other pictures of my quilts. I have to go diving into the "to be quilted" pile to find those, but it shouldn't take long since everything is labeled. 

If I were smart, I would take pictures of ALL of my quilts and label them and tag them and store them electronically. Then I would NEVER have to dive into those bins again for a picture, and I could start with my finished quilts. Sigh --- perhaps a job for June when the classes are pretty much done. 

I need to figure out how to use Lightroom with all its organizing features. I'm thinking of Helen Anne and her motivation with all those digital tools, and I NEED to follow suit. Not for the designing, but at least for the organizing. 

Why? Well, this happened yesterday. So, about two weeks ago, my phone started acting up. People can't hear me talk. It doesn't happen all the time, but from time to time. I can hear them perfectly. I have found that if I move outside, it's better. Now that's just silly because who can go out whenever they need to make a call. Ronda thinks I have covered my house in aluminum foil, which is a possibility since there is a ton of it on the shelves these days. 

Lots of parchment paper and aluminum foil on the shelves

Lots of foil!

I'm on a mission to find freezer paper. I do NOT need any, as I have a lifetime supply in various widths, including 48"!!); I'm trying to find it for YOU. Anyway, wherever I go, I see TONS of aluminum foil and parchment paper, very little waxed paper, and NO freezer paper; however, you can buy freezer paper in packages (8½" by 11), not the rolls. So if you happen to see it, let me know, and I'll pass that along to you all. 

Anyway-- back to the phone. I went to the mall to talk to the Bell people. The phone turns out to be 9 months old, so it's still under warranty. I have two options -- go back to Samsung or go through Bell repair. I'm investigating which one will be quicker to get a new phone and the cheapest, although it should be FREE since it's still under warranty. 

However, that means I need to remove the photos on the phone because if they transfer my stuff to a new phone, those pictures can take up a long time to transfer. 

This is what I transferred and then deleted from my phone yesterday. There were almost 10,000 photos. 

That's a LOT of photos

Good grief --- that's what I took since I got that phone 9 months ago. I think --- I didn't check when my last download was. OK -- so SOMEONE needs to do some significant culling. So that means I need to get my butt in gear and properly learn how to use Lightroom and start culling and tagging the FEW that need to stay! 

I was sitting here at the computer yesterday morning and didn't realize it was raining. When I got up, I found this throughout the entire house. Sigh.....................

Murphy left her calling card

Murphy and I had an uneventful walk, but this is what we spotted when I took Lexi for a walk. Thankfully, she is calm, so I could snap a couple of pictures.

During drop-off, this happened near the school, so I'm sure some people were freaked out. Can you see the fox? 

How about now? He had his breakfast and happily trotted across the street towards the forest, located a bit past the school. He needs to be doing a better job catching squirrels, and I'd be happy if he took up residence in my backyard! Well, behind it! 

A fox with breakfast

Here's that cutting table. Yep -- I piled it high because this is stuff that I need to cut. I hope to get some of that cut and put away later tonight at the virtual retreat. Or hopefully tomorrow. But I still have a full cutting mat to cut on, so it's not so bad, but I want to get this cleared up and tackle that current project table. 

The current state of the cutting table

And on that note, I'd better get myself going as I still need to sort through those slides for the half-square triangle presentation and dig out three quilts. Wish me luck!

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat is TONIGHT starting at 6 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And here's the link for tomorrow starting at 10 AM.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

What's so nice is that NOTHING is urgent once today is over. There are no deadline quilts to make and no homework that is either behind (for the most part) or urgently needed. I have lots to do, but I can do whatever I want! And that will mostly be sewing sleeves on, trimming half-square triangles, and cutting. Easy peasy!!!

You can just stop by to say Hello! Or you can fire up your sewing machine and join us for an hour, 15 minutes, whatever. It's a great way to stay in touch with people and learn new things! I LOVE IT.

Have a super day!!!


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